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adding an addition 256mb memory stick

Discussion in 'How to: Building a PC, Modding, Overclocking' started by C0oLl2iCeF0o, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. C0oLl2iCeF0o

    C0oLl2iCeF0o Techie7 New Member

    Im about to get another memory stick in joint with the one i already have (another 256mb stick), so together ill have 512mb. Is there anything i should know? Im very confused with the pins and everything. My current memory is occupied with a black holding thingie and next to it is 2 purple slots, are those memory slots?
    Interested in adding this
    Generic 256MB 32Mx64 (32x8) PC133/100 168PIN-Sdram {Low-Density-Standard}
  2. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    found the following links. you must keep the speed & density the same; the density will generally date the motherboard, as an older board will require high density non-standard. (but your purple slots (DDR) probably make this comment void). you would want to get either one stick of 512 SDRAM or two sticks of 256 DDR to go purple and lose the existing black stick. my own opinion would be to get the DDR which should not only be faster, but also upgradable in the future. for that matter; getting one stick of 512 DDR would leave you most open to adding more later.

    BTW: the lavalays everest home utility is very comprehensive as to reading your system. go to motherboard then spd


    "The purple slots are for 184-pin DDR memory modules. I suspect you can
    only have one bank populated; i.e., you use only the purple DDR slots or
    you use the black SDRAM slots but you can't have memory in both a purple
    and a black slot. Did you try using the other purple slot?"


    ram density


    Great tool to know what's what inside:

    everest home
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  3. C0oLl2iCeF0o

    C0oLl2iCeF0o Techie7 New Member

    thanks but i read your article like 5x and im still a little puzzled, you're saying that its ok that i use the purple slot and the black slot with a 256 memory sticks on each of them?
    :( so its not possible to use both black and purple slots? but in the previous paragraph i think you said its ok..
  4. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    :eek: sorry for being confusing but you cannot mix sdram & ddr.

    one or the other.

    if you only have one sdram slot (black) you would need to get a 512 stick to replace your 256.

    my suggestion was to switch to ddr. get one 512 and you can still add more if you ever need to/ want to.
  5. C0oLl2iCeF0o

    C0oLl2iCeF0o Techie7 New Member

    oh man that sucks ><