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USB netcard

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by idr, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. idr

    idr Established Techie7 Member

    My computer is connected to a LAN and works at ~22 Mbps.
    Lately I installed an old computer for my grandson. But this one had no internal network card, and as didn’t want to open the computer and dabble inside I bought and installed a USB WLAN L100 network
    card. However this reduced the speed on this computer to ~4 Mbps.
    Does the USB connection reduces the speed or can it be the card’s fault?
    And if so, what how to chose an appropriate USB card. It will be connected by wire to a ZyXEL router.
  2. Digerati

    Digerati Super Moderator Techie7 Moderator

    Even if really old and USB 1.x, you should be getting better than 4Mbps. So not sure what the problem might be. I would definitely try another cable as they are cheap but critical devices that are not very robust.

    That said, USB (especially older version) just was not that reliable. I would consider a NIC (network interface card) instead. Installing a card is actually very easy - just remember to unplug the computer from the wall before digging in. I suspect, being an old computer, it has a spare PCI slot (not to be confused with PCI Express). So one of these should work just fine - and as noted, are not budget busters either.
  3. PcTestCard.com

    PcTestCard.com Established Techie7 Member

    I would suggest we install the latest motherboard chipset driver and reboot the computer after that.

    The new mobo chipset driver can help to correct the USB driver issues and may help to grant the full speed for the USB devices.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Digerati

    Digerati Super Moderator Techie7 Moderator

    Might be worth a try. But sadly, since this is an old computer, there may not be anything current. Still, it does not hurt to check it out.