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fax/modem program

Discussion in 'A Question to the community!' started by cyberwasp, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. cyberwasp

    cyberwasp Established Techie7 Member

    I know I might get yelled at for this but here goes. I'm getting tired of solicitors calling me and not being able to do anything about it.
    I wish someone would write a program that uses the modem in either a fax printer or modem inside a pc that utilizes the caller id to allow us to log and block calls from any number that we so choose or any number we enter. I know cable phone has a block number feature but we have to enter each one in manually.

    If anyone out there can write the code to do this you'll definitely get rich fast
  2. Digerati

    Digerati Super Moderator Techie7 Moderator

    How is "manually" entering the number in your PC different than "manually" doing it via your caller ID?

    Here in the US, you can register your phone number(s) in the National Do Not Call Registry and that will stop a lot (but not near enough) of the junk calls. Other than that, you have to use call blockers as you describe - but in any case, you have to manually enter the number, or in some cases you can enter the "last caller's number" instead of entering the actual phone number. But regardless, it is still a manual process and I don't see how you can avoid that. The "system" has no idea if the caller is legit (to you) or not.

    My phone service has a phone blocking/rejection feature but it does not support blocking all numbers. There are also home phones that have call blocking too. These are nice as you can program (manually enter) any number - even those your provider or the Do Not Call Registry cannot.
  3. cyberwasp

    cyberwasp Established Techie7 Member

    I just thought if someone out there would write a program. You just log all of the good numbers and tell it to block the rest. Motorola had this feature on there Razor Cell phone.

    Using cables call blocking is a p.i.t.a. as you have to log on, enter the numbers and hope it works.

    My way would be to have a good number list and all others are blocked unless they provide a code that you enter "in case of emergency."

    Oh, I've been on the donotcall registry for over a year and it just doesn't work, period.

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  4. Digerati

    Digerati Super Moderator Techie7 Moderator

    Some services let you set up "curfews" that block all calls, except from those numbers you authorize.

    The DoNotCall Registry does indeed work. But because it does not tell you who is no longer calling because you are on the list, there is really no way to tell that is working. The problem is, there are too many authorized exceptions - like politicians. :(

    Go ahead and remove your numbers, wait a few weeks and see what happens if you don't believe it.