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Adobe Reader X

Discussion in 'Windows XP Help' started by ylind, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. ylind

    ylind Established Techie7 Member

    I run Adobe Reader X (10.1.11) ever since an recent Adobe up date it seems forever to open *.pdf files

    Any help would be appreciated

  2. Digerati

    Digerati Super Moderator Techie7 Moderator

    I can't really help you with Adobe Reader because I stopped using it several years ago for security and performance reasons. I found I had to frequently uninstall Adobe Reader then reinstall it, then a month later, do it again. :(

    So instead, I use and recommend Foxit Reader on all my systems.

    If you still want to use Adobe Reader, all I can recommend is you totally remove Adobe Reader with the Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool, then reboot to ensure all "hooks" are cleared, then reinstall Adobe Reader.

    Regardless your choice, AS ALWAYS with ANY program installation, choose the "custom install" option and not the default option to have the opportunity to "opt-out" of any unwanted extras like alternative browsers, printer options, toolbars, auto-updaters and other add-ons. This is especially true with free programs as the authors need to generate income somehow to feed and shelter their families too. As long as "opt-out" options are clearly provides, I'm okay with that. And Foxit Reader does clearly provide those options.

    You must also select the "custom install" option if you want to install programs somewhere other than the default drive or folder.
  3. ylind

    ylind Established Techie7 Member

    THANK YOU SO MUCH - does "Foxit Reader" work with Chrome ?
  4. Digerati

    Digerati Super Moderator Techie7 Moderator

    Yes. In fact, Chrome is one of those extra installs I was talking about above if you don't "opt-out". If you already have Chrome installed, I would uncheck the option - no need to install it again.
  5. ylind

    ylind Established Techie7 Member

    Great Help - Thx Loads - Have a great Sunday
  6. Digerati

    Digerati Super Moderator Techie7 Moderator

    You are welcome and you too have great Sunday and upcoming Thanksgiving.