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Software conflict

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help' started by xero, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. xero

    xero Established Techie7 Member

    I am trying out Sony Sound Forge 11 atm, and since it has been installed every time I try to play a flac file, by hitting the play button in a music folder, the file doesn't play but Sound Forge starts and opens a random song in the folder.
    I have WMP set as default player and I have Open Codecs from Xiph.org, and Flac Frontend (that came when I set up eac) installed. Judging by the icons for the flac files WMP is using Frontend to play the flac files. They still work if I right click the folder and select "play with Windows Media Player" just like I had to in XP.
    Can anyone suggest a fix for this, I had gotten used to, and liked, just being able to play flacs without the right click.
  2. Jim23

    Jim23 Dedicated Member

    Bottom line is the flac extension is not a supported file type of Windows Media Player.
    But there's a good discussion about this on Microsoft community forums here
    The solution for some was at the bottom page 5 here

    But ultimately you would think Microsoft would have provided a solution to this by now.

    Hope that helps to at least point you in the right direction

  3. xero

    xero Established Techie7 Member

    Hi Jim,
    Thanks for getting back to me. I think Mary at Microsoft must be fairly thick skinned given the responses, or she probably never looked after posting her "answer." Just like the gmail forum, a place where you can sound off but no one takes any notice. Some people made a good point about how can there be a licensing issue when the flac codec is free, maybe MS only use stuff they can license!? They seem to be aping Apple when it comes to the flac format, and this is dissappointing as flac has gained a wide audience and usage, it is as much a standard as mp3. Then again maybe Mary was pointing people at WMA lossless, a format I have never seen used. WMA lossy is better (so I have been told, by someone who has researched this) for low bit rate files, but what is the point of encoding music at 64kbps?
    I had a look at the link you pointed out, came with a toolbar and third party stuff so I backed out of setting it up. I got burned with a toolbar and third party stuff recently and it took a lot of work to clean the computer, so I am a little wary these days, plus most of the codecs mentioned seemed to be video, not audio. Plus I have VLC to play what WMP won't. And there isn't much that phases VLC.
    My problem is not with playing flac files at all, if I right click on a folder with flac files I choose Play with WMP and they play. Open Codecs and flac frontend are installed, and one or other works.
    The problem is that prior to installing Sound Forge the flacs all had the xiph.org logo and played when I hit the play button. And to be fair WMP 12 does play a lot more things than 11 ever would, m4a for example. Now if I forget to do the right click and click on play Sound Forge opens a random file from the folder and I have to wait for it to finish loading, quit and then do the right click. It is just an annoyance really, and a software conflict rather than a codec issue.
  4. xero

    xero Established Techie7 Member

    Hi Jim,
    I can now report that the issue is resolved, but I am unsure how.
    I ended up installing the codecs you pointed me to (Spybot stopped the third party apps and toolbar from installing, cool), and WMP kept crashing in the middle of playing, and I got a message saying WMP had stopped working and I should close it. Fed up I uninstalled Flac Frontend, the Xiph.org codecs and Sharkey's codecs.
    I then reinstalled the xiph codecs first, then flac frontened so eac would be able to access it. I have not reinstalled the Sharkey's codecs. I didn't like that LAV icon that popped up and offered to split files. I have video apps to that with if I want, and it seemed irrelevant to audio files.
    Now my flac files show the xiph logo, I like that little fish, and I can now select a folder of flac files, and play them by hitting the "play" button. Sound Forge no longer gets in the way.
    So a happy ending.
    The only thing that is different is now WMP shows as an app in the task bar, an extra icon I mean, whereas previously the icon in the task bar would show it as in use. A small price to pay.
    Thanks for your help and suggestions, as ever this site is a real boon.