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How to Clear Your Browsing Data From IE 10

Discussion in 'Tech Tutorials and News' started by mattaweber, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. mattaweber

    mattaweber Techie7 New Member Techie7 Editor

    Internet Explorer is still the most popular Internet browser, even with the introduction of Google's Chrome. With the introduction of IE 10, Microsoft started to reclaim the ground they had lost to Chrome over the last few years. Your Internet browsing history data can be useful. It makes filling out forms easier, web pages faster, and searching for previously visited sites easier. It can also slow your browsing experience down over time, and cause image problems and outdated text to load. Here's how to clear your Internet browsing data from Internet Explorer 10.

    Things We Assume
    You're using IE 10 or later

    Things to Know
    The screenshots below may look different on your machine depending on which version of Windows you're using.

    Step 1
    Your first step is to open Internet Explorer.
    Step 2
    Next you need to click on the gear icon at the top right hand side of the IE window. A contextual menu will open.
    Step 3
    Now, click the Internet options item, as circled in the screenshot above.
    Step 4
    Once you've done that, the following Window will open:
    Step 5
    Click the circled "Delete" button. The following window will appear:
    Step 6
    Check the boxes next to the things you want to clear. We recommend at least the ones that are in the red box in the screenshot above.

    Step 7
    Once you've selected the proper items, Click the delete button at the bottom. IE will then delete the selected items. It may take awhile, depending on how long it's been since you last cleared the data. It will notify you via a banner at the bottom when it's done.

    And that's it. Really simple, and fairly quick. You should do this once a month if you're a heavy browser, so you can keep your Internet experience as speedy as possible. There are programs out there that do this for you, but they don't always get everything, and a lot of them will install adware or malware onto your machine, so it is almost always easier to do it on your own.

    Questions? Leave a comment on this thread!
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  2. tallin

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    Welcome Mattaweber to Techie 7,

    A very helpful and clearly set out first post...thank you.

    Tell us something about yourself.

    kind regards,
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  3. mattaweber

    mattaweber Techie7 New Member Techie7 Editor

    Thanks! I'm a long time computer user, I've worked or have worked in IT for almost 4 years, and I dislike Windows 8. Now if that isn't the shortest bio ever. LOL.
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    nicholson Techie7 New Member

    Thanks for sharing this one! It really helps a lot.