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HP Laptop dvd drives popping open

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by lynnbartlett, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. lynnbartlett

    lynnbartlett Techie7 New Member

    Another person posted something about this problem. I have a new HP lap top that the DVD seems to randomly pop open when it doesn't have a disc in it and I have not touched the button by accident. This occurred with a The one I returned was also a dv6 but with a different package. I am running the diagnostics but it seems to me if two different models are both doing it then it is not a defect in the machine but a defect in either the disc drives HP is using or a defect in the operating software for the drives.

    Any suggestions? It's annoying.
  2. tallin

    tallin Super Moderator Techie7 Moderator