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The Clone Wars and SWTOR Intermingling Question.

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by mmaple, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. mmaple

    mmaple Techie7 New Member

    From the looks of things, Lucas Arts is taking advantage of alot of the work being done in SWTOR to expand and realize some of the EU. There are now several instances I've seen on Star Wars:The Clone Wars of concepts that came from SWTOR.

    1.Nal Hutta. This is a world that has been stated several times was never visualized until Bioware started work on it. But in a recent episode of TCW they visited Nal Hutta, and it could have been taken from one of the pieces of Biowares concept art wall, nearly piece for piece.

    2.Cad Bane the Bount Hunter. His arsenal in a fight scene between him and Obi Wan is starting to look alot more like that of the BH from SWTOR. Dual Wielding Pistols, His Flame Thrower, Dart Launcher, Electronic Grapple used to stun people. He even pulls off a maneuver similar to Death From Above.

    3. In last nights episode we see Jedi stealth. I'm not familiar with any other use of stealth ever in the SW Universe.

    So, in my mind this makes it seem that Lucas Arts is validating alot more SWTORs role as Canon in the EU. It makes me very happy to know that more and more of Bioware's hard work is bleeding into things from Lucas Arts themselves. Even with it not being out yet, I think SWTORs influence has dug deep roots into Star Wars Universe. This also gives me high hopes of its sustainability and the faith that Lucas Arts has in this project.(source):swtor4credits !
  2. swtorok

    swtorok Techie7 New Member

    Asajj is still a Rattataki, she was just raised by the Nightsisters. The desert planet we saw in her youth with the Jedi was Rattatak. We always knew she was a Rattataki, just not her original homeworld. Apparently Savage Opress will be a Zabrak raised by Nightsisters too, which probably works since the TOR site even mentions how Zabrak are often colonists on other planets. ALSO, the episode guide says Asajj's backstory was kept intact, that she was in fact trained by a Jedi in her backstory prior to this episode. So they didn't change much beyond adding the Nightsister bit in her infancy.

    I'm with you on them changing lore though. I'm still pissed about how "Sphere of Influence" destroyed Greedo's backstory just so they could have him as a 2-bit villain in a single episode that didn't require Greedo over any random Rodian. To a lesser extent I'm also upset about how Ryloth was changed from a uniquely non-rotating world to a generic rotating world. The Mandalorian Hippies did upset me until I saw that they were just retconned into one of the many Mandalorian splinter groups. The black lightsaber thing was odd, but I've just kinda sidelined it since it doesn't really change anything since it just looks like a glowing vibrosword.

    But I do hate the lore changes in the name of one-shot episodes. It's like Dave Filoni uses his connection with GL to destroy any lore he can, saying "I'm buds with GL and he said I could do this", while he just smirks with his cowboy hat. I will still give them credit though, they adhere to the EU more often than not, even if the times they don't stick out like a sore thumb. They gave us Nal Hutta that fits how it looks in lore, they used Ryloth's real name, they showed us Dathomir that roughly matches how it's looked in SWG and EaW, and the official site says the world Dooku was on in the episode was Serenno, the EU name for the world that he was a Count of.