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Would like to reinstall Win 7, BUT...

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help' started by Dragonchilde, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Dragonchilde

    Dragonchilde Techie7 New Member

    Okay, here's my problem. I have a LEGITIMATE copy of Windows 7 Pro (Upgrade); It's regularly updated. It's an upgrade from an OEM copy of Vista on my laptop, which I also have the key for.

    I bought it from Digital River a couple of years ago on a student discount, and I do have the key, and the order forms, everything. I did order a backup CD with it, but naturally... my house has eaten it, and I can't find it. Not to mention my laptop's CD drive doesn't seem to be functional anymore.

    So. I would very much like to do a clean install of Win7, without a disc. I'm not sure I'll have a CD drive when I reinstall, although if not, I think I may have a replacement that could work.

    I'd rather not have to buy it again (although should it become necessary, as in I've exhausted all other options) I can do that, since having two copies would be awfully nice. My husband's got Windows Starter on his netbook, and I could always use one key for that to upgrade it. But... I'd rather NOT buy it again.

    I have a 1 terabyte HD that I can use for transfer/installation, all files have been backed up carefully (I have a lot of important stuff that I can't afford to lose.)

    So my question to you guys is how do I pull this off? Can I do this FROM my existing Windows 7 install (resetting back to defaults, cleaning off everything, and just starting from scratch), can I create a backup that I can restore from clean?