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Help Me Choose a Linux Distro!

Discussion in 'Alternative Operating System Help' started by vom53, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. vom53

    vom53 Established Techie7 Member

    I have a fair experience with using Linux, but this time is not for me, but for my grandmother.

    My grandmother is very attached to her old system and cannot bear to use a new system because of its unfamiliarity.

    Here's the specs:
    Intel Celeron 633 Mhz
    SDRAM on Slot #1 and DDR2 on Slot #2
    Total: 160 MB RAM
    Intel 82810 Graphics Controller (32 mb video card)

    Some info:
    Used to run on Window ME
    ran moderately on XP with massive tweaks
    (stop connections to Internet, strip security softwares, turn off all graphics, use Mz Ultimate Tweaker)

    Here's the news:
    Normally this computer was used for "everything" years ago, but after a few years this system was left to be a word processor (once MS then Openoffice then Abiword).

    Here's what should happen:
    I challenge D-A-L members to find a Linux Distro that would allows this system to connects to the Internet without the massive tweaks seen on the XP.

    This Linux Distro should, but not limited to:

    • Friendly User Interface -grandmother needs this
    • Works with Canon S450 Printer -for her printing needs
    • Have Firefox or Chrome -surfing the web with the best browser available

    Thank you!

    Glad to see you're still around! Your help years ago was very beneficially.
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  2. Dan Penny

    Dan Penny Staff Techie7 Moderator

  3. vom53

    vom53 Established Techie7 Member

    Thank you for your recommendation. However, this system doesn't meet the requirements for Ubuntu or any of the other version in the Canonical family.
  4. Tofty

    Tofty Techie7 New Member

    Have you looked at Puppy Linux

    Very low system requirements.
  5. vom53

    vom53 Established Techie7 Member

    I was notified from my email that I received a reply in this thread, but it turned out to be spam from another user.

    Thank you D-A-L staff for removing the spam post made by the other user.
  6. the_wick3d

    the_wick3d Techie7 New Member

    1- Linux Mint LXDE
    2- LUbuntu -- basically ubuntu with lxde instead of gnome
    3- Xubuntu -- more heavy on resources uses Xfce4

    All have live linux cd's you can try or if all else fails ubuntu server as a base and build up :)