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Parent wants advice on computer 'cheats'

Discussion in 'Technical Discussions' started by davidp, May 26, 2011.

  1. davidp

    davidp Techie7 New Member

    My 8 year old plays on the 'Club Penguin' website which is a 'massive multiplayer online game'. Being a smart little chap he has looked up cheats on google and youtube and now want's to install them onto the pc. The one in question is called CP blizzard.

    My questions are?

    Is this likely to damage our pc (or the club penguin site - which I doubt). I am guessing these are client side programs?

    Is it ethical? I suspect its all part of the fun of the game and maybe even done with the knowledge of the website.

    If we decide to take the moral and computer risk how can one protect oneself from possible damage? We have firewall, virus checker, etc and I guess I could put in a restore point before installation.

    I'm struggling to keep up with the technology and my sons curiosity so would appreciate informed advice and comments.

  2. VopThis

    VopThis Senior Member (Canada)

    Regardless of ethical considerations, the malware industry thrives on human (greed) behaviour by providing attractive, often free initial, offerings (sex, music, enhancements/add-ons, latest popular topic content) and ill-gotten gains (hacks and cracks from unknown and perhaps [eventually] untrustworthy sources). Such habitual behaviour patterns will likely and eventually get you and your PC into serious trouble.

    You PC’s health is only as good as your weakest link. Plus, no amount of preventative measures will consistently guarantee your safety when bad decisions get made. The proof of this is the many malware infested PCs, with seemingly proper and reasonable protective measures in place, which failed to protect the user from themselves.

    All it takes is one moment of weakness or ill-advised risky decision (links, sites, downloads). The best protection for your PC is thus to teach your son good habits and how to properly research the decisions he will choose to make.
  3. majong

    majong Techie7 New Member

    The reply you received from ..... VopThis is very TRUE.

    You can put in a restore point, but in most cases when a computer gets infected, it wipes out any restore point you may have created. Unfortunate but true.