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new hpne text gremlin

Discussion in 'Handheld Computing Help' started by zulander, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. zulander

    zulander Techie7 New Member

    finally got a new phone but having trouble with texts. Brand new xperia 10 mini pro on tmobile (Uk network) with new sim
    if i create a new text and send it to the mrs it goes fine.
    If she replies the number comes back as being 44(then rest of her number) which i cant then reply to. How do i stop this happening?
    I have her correct number stored as 0xxxxxx but for some reason it changes when she replies to me.
    Ive tried getting tmobile to send me my sms settings but that doesnt seem to work for some reason - am a bit stuck with what to do next