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Find MS Office product key after resetting computer

Discussion in 'Desktop / Server Applications' started by laurenrie, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. laurenrie

    laurenrie Techie7 New Member

    I have a 3-year-old Dell Inspiron E1705 laptop, and last week it abruptly decided not to boot anymore. I tried a bunch of things, and eventually had to use the "restore to factory settings" option. Everything worked fine, it's booting nicely, but Microsoft Office is now asking me for a product key. I'm pretty sure Office came pre-installed on the computer, it was still installed after I restored the computer, and I don't have a CD or product card or anything. I've tried using a few different keyfinder softwares, but they only find the keys for Windows Vista and some other programs I have, not for office. It looks like Office isn't installed, even though it definitely is. Help?

    Thanks in advance =)
  2. townsbg

    townsbg Senior Member

    The only MS Office programs that are install on a computer after a reinstall would be a trial that will expire and not the full version. You have to if it is asking for a serial number then there isn't one registered in your system (which is why the key finder isn't working) and you'll have to obtain one. I cannot recommend any websites for you to get a free serial number since they go against our terms of service because they are usually illegal (and dangerous).

    As an alternative to buying MS Office you can get open office or symphony for free.
  3. T_D_D

    T_D_D Techie7 New Member

  4. townsbg

    townsbg Senior Member

    Did you not read my post? How could it retrieve a key that doesn't exist?:confused:

    Only office trials come with computers now and for quite some time.
  5. T_D_D

    T_D_D Techie7 New Member

    Well my Dell came with Office and not a trial.
  6. townsbg

    townsbg Senior Member

    If that's true then it had to have come with a piece of paper with the serial number on it.