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Yahoo! and "Client Side Galaxy Error"

Discussion in 'General Security Issues and Questions' started by Andrew.Harris.Jr, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Andrew.Harris.Jr

    Andrew.Harris.Jr Techie7 New Member

    I have not been able to access my yahoo mail OR any yahoo associated website since Friday, August 13, 2010 at around 9:30 am. I, in fact, am registered here under another user name, but could not access your service because my user name is tied to my yahoo e-mail account. This happened suddenly with no warning.

    When trying to access my yahoo mail account, I get the following message:

    "Oooops, Yahoo! Mail can't load
    Loading Yahoo! Mail failed due to client side Galaxy error
    You might try going into your firewall settings, and disabling "Ad blocking". If that doesn't work, please contact customer care.
    *Try clearing your browser cache
    *Try clearing your browser cookies
    *Taking too long? More info
    *If you received an ActiveX warning, please enable ActiveX
    *Check your email in Yahoo! Mail Classic
    *Switch back to Yahoo! Mail Classic by opting out of Yahoo! Mail
    *Click here to try again"

    I've tried all of the above-suggested options. I have also tried calling Yahoo "Customer Service" which says I have to submit an e-mail to "Yahoo help" to get technical assistance. This cannot be done since their pages are either not loading or loading incorrectly (e.g. without proper formatting, pictures, and working links). They also said the problem is with Verizon my ISP. I called them and they ran all types of checks on my line and computer and said everything is fine.

    I CAN ACCESS everything else on the web with NO problems. My assessment is that the problem is with Yahoo. However, I cannot find anything on the web that would allow me to find out what a "Client Side Galaxy Error" is, so I cannot be absolutely sure that there is nothing wrong with my computer settings.

    Here is other pertinent information:

    Dell 2350 Dimension Desktop
    Running Windows XP Home Edition (SP3)
    Internet Explorer 8 (All latest updates installed)
    Hard drive is on 15% Full

    Other Things I've tried:

    *Accessing Yahoo! through my wireless connection via Mozilla Firefox which is running on another desktop (Was unable to access).

    *Accessing Yahoo! through my Acer Notebook computer (Was unable to access)

    *Ran a thorough scan of my computer with antivirus and anti spyware programs.

    *Had Verizon run a test on my internet connectivity and also "shared" my desktop with them to allow them to check my computer settings.

    *I also know a friend who normally accesses Yahoo! through his cell (mobile) phone, but has not been able to get in either (which further suggests a massive problem with Yahoo!).


    *Formatting my hard drive to see if this would help. This is as a last resort. As mentioned above, I have access to the rest of the web and my other e-mail accounts.

    Sorry for such a LONG message, but I have not been able to get anywhere with Yahoo! If and when this problem is resolved, I am seriously leaning toward closing my e-mail account with them. Their "customer service" is virtually "non-existent". The Tech people don't talk to the customer service representatives. They could not tell me if there were problems with Yahoo! and kept directing me to send an e-mail to "Yahoo! help although I made it clear that the service was down. Finally, as a last resort, I was told to "try logging on later."

    Any suggestions that any of you could provide would be greatly appreciated!