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Yahoo Groups Security certificate

Discussion in 'General Security Issues and Questions' started by robertwh, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. robertwh

    robertwh Techie7 New Member

    A number of years ago I obtained a Yahoo Groups account, and at different times joined two separate chat sites, after obtaining the approval of the chat sites moderators. My e-mail address was added to the both chat sites mailing lists, so that I could download all new chat site messages on to my home PC without having to visit the two chat sites archives on the Yahoo Groups website.

    Some considerable time ago as I no longer wanted to receive both chat site messages, my e-mail address was removed from the two chat site mailing lists, however after logging in to my Yahoo Groups account on the Yahoo Groups account I retained the ability to view all of the chat site messages stored in the chat sites archives.

    Some considerable time had elapsed since I last I visited the Yahoo Groups website and signed in/ login to my Yahoo groups account. Then recently I decided I wanted to search one of the chatsit's archives, so I tried to sign in/login to my Yahoo Groups account. Well I find I can no longer sign in /loginin to my Yahoo Groups account, no matter which Yahoo Groups web page I attempt to do this from. When I click on the word s Sign in I am then informed you are about to enter a secure website that you have chosen not to trust. I have both the Yahoo Groups home page, and the chat sites home pages on my Internet Explorer trusted list; and I have never typed any thing into my PC, or alerted any Internet Explorer settings which would inform my PC that I no longer trust the Yahoo Groups website, or the two chat sites.

    The Yahoo Groups website sign in /login problem definitely revolves around their security certificate. When I try to display the security certificate on my computer monitor, I am informed there is not enough information available to verify the certificate, and the issuer of the certificate can not be found. I can confirm that the correct date has been set on my computer and the security certificate is still in date, so this eliminates this as a reason for the login problem.. I never once experienced a problem logging into my Yahoo Groups account when my PC had a dia-up connection to the Internet, Windows 98 and Internet explorer 4 installed; and used the Internet Explorer default settings

    If it is any help to you , in the Yahoo Groups security certificate data I have an yellow triangle with ! symbol inside indicating an error, alongside, Key Usage Digital Signature, Non-Repudiation, Key Encipherment,Data Encipherment(F0). Also assume my PC is currently using the default Internet Explorer settings.

    Do PCs Now need to have a certain version of Internet Explorer Installed before it is possible to sign in/login to Yahoo groups accounts?