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ModeSwitch alternative for vista?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help' started by penguinpaul, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. penguinpaul

    penguinpaul Dedicated Member

    A while back, I found a program called ModeSwitch, or WinModeSwitch, which is a small app (written by one person in delphi) which modified a registry key or something to fool XP home into thinking it was Pro, and Pro into thinking it was Home.
    This was brilliant, because although it didn't change any functionality of the OS, it let me upgrade to Vista Home Premium from XP Pro, by fooling the XP Pro into thinking it was Home.
    However, on my laptop I have Vista Home, and I want to upgrade to 7. However, it will be Windows 7 Professional, as this is the version I can get discounted through my college.
    Does such a tool exist to change the branding/os info on my Vista to Vista business, so I can upgrade to Professional?
    Please tell me if I shouldn't be asking this here, but according to the documentation of the XP modeswitch program, this DOESN'T infringe the EULA, as it doesn't change the OS, just the info about it.

    Thanks for any help :)