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Modern warfare 2 matchmaking problems :(

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by hitman47222, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. hitman47222

    hitman47222 Dedicated Member

    i have had the game for just a week now .. the game is totally updated .. it worked fine for the last 3 days ... the matchmaking took ages to find lobby's but at least it did .. but now .. whenever i search for ANY lobby of ANY game mode ... it just never finds anything .. my ping is normal .. i always get 50 ping in CSS ... but it never finds lobbys in modern warfare 2 .. there matchmaking system is the worst i have seen .. Even free games have better match making systems lol

    Anyhow .. any idea on how to fix this and find any matches?
  2. south park rulz

    south park rulz Techie7 New Member

    ur nat type might be strict..
  3. south park rulz

    south park rulz Techie7 New Member

    if so go to the dashboard and restore factory settings on the ( network settings page ) that willl be 2100 ms points please