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Pc doesnt recognize the cd rom

Discussion in 'Older Windows Versions' started by VITAV828, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. VITAV828

    VITAV828 Techie7 New Member


    my pc boots up normally ,it reads the hard drive and the floppy but doesnt read the cd rom...the light on the cd rom comes on , the draw for the cd opens and closes..but when i put a cd of any kind in ..the rom spins as if it is reading the cd then it stops ...i checked my computer on the pc and there is no sign of a cd rom...i swapped the cd rom with two other cd roms...that i know work and it still does the same thing..the pc doesnt recognize the cd rom...even though the rom is powered up...if i get the drivers for the model cd rom that i have how can i install them when the cd rom is not being recognized..i also went to the add new hardware to see if it would find the drivers on the hard drive but that didnt work ...either...what can i do to get the pc to read the cd rom...i have a dell opti-plex GX1
    256 ram, pentium 2..millinium operating system..the pc runs good just cant get it to notice the cd rom.
  2. HAMMER0402

    HAMMER0402 Techie7 New Member

    I had a similar problem, i had to go to the cd rom manufacturers website and reinstall the driver, reboot and it was fine. Not sure if youve tried that yet. Good Luck