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call of duty world at war ... no soliders voice

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by hitman47222, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. hitman47222

    hitman47222 Dedicated Member

    okay let me explain ... just bought cod waw ... installed it and everything works fine except for after 5 mins from every mission start ... no solidiers talk at all ... after stickin by the captain and lookin at his mouth ... he is speakin but just no sound ... other sounds works perfectly ... and here is a bit more explination ... for example ... lets say we have 2 obj to do after i do them the game saves and then someone should be saying nice job .... and i can see his mouth move but no sound ... after 2 weeks i found out that if i died and then came back at the checkpoint the guy will say nice job but after bit there will be no voice again and i have to return to a checkpoint to get that voice .... gets reaaal annoying ... anyhow at anytime in the game all other sounds are workin fine ... but that ... so i tried patchin the game till version 1.3 and its still same ... and i also tried updating my audio driver and nothing happened ... any ideas?>
  2. larebz

    larebz Techie7 New Member

    Hi there, this is usually to do with your sound setup, can i ask what speakers you have? Try setting the sound in-game to stereo and see if that sorts it, also go into your playback devices and right click on 'speakers > configure speakers' then change it to stereo there.

    I'd like to know if you have 5.1 speakers though as this was happening to me with my 5.1 creative setup. I have the HD audio manager where when i plug a speaker cable in it asks me what i had plugged in and not realising it had detected my center speaker as something else so i was never getting real 5.1 hence no voices in games as they tend to come out of the center speaker.

    Anyway try what i said if you have standard desktop speakers and if not let me know ;)
  3. hitman47222

    hitman47222 Dedicated Member

    hi mate . thanks for the reply ... i changed the ingame to stereo and the playback too .. but its still the same ... anymore ideas? and btw i have standard desktop speakers
  4. larebz

    larebz Techie7 New Member

    hmm ok the only other thing i can really think of at this time is to update your sound cards drivers.
  5. hitman47222

    hitman47222 Dedicated Member

    ohh well i already did that but thanks :D
  6. larebz

    larebz Techie7 New Member

    oh :no: its annoying me now cause i know how you feel and it's horrible playing games like that. This may seem reeeeeeeal stupid but have you taken the jack(s) out and put it back in again? Just thinking it may be a loose connection or something related.

    Also if you have some headphones or a headset you can try plugging them in and seeing if you get voices using them.
  7. hitman47222

    hitman47222 Dedicated Member

    well i tried both ideas ... did not work ... lets hope cod6 wont have much audio problems like this ... and btw ... for some games it says directx10 is not compitable with the game ... should i degrade or dx9 and try again or something?? and if so how do i uninstall directx10 cause dx9 wont install until the 10 is gone
  8. larebz

    larebz Techie7 New Member

    i'm pretty sure that's near on impossible to do and dx10 is esentially dx9 plus dx10 capabilities (vista glass theme uses dx9) The problem with some of your games is that they are detecting dx10 first and miss the fact that dx9 is written in there too. Although i can say i haven't experienced any problems with the games i have myself, they are all fairly new though...

    And i do have a bad feeling that mw2 will be the same for you with no voices but i just can't think what the problem could be.
  9. hitman47222

    hitman47222 Dedicated Member

    noooo not mw2 xD been waiting for that for a while ... mw works fine ... gaaaaaaaaaaaaah plz dont say that xD
  10. larebz

    larebz Techie7 New Member

    oh so with modern warfare you have no problems but with WAW you do?? that just makes it even more strange!

    p.s. do you play MW multiplayer?
  11. hitman47222

    hitman47222 Dedicated Member

    yup cod 4 works just fine ... but i dont play MW in cod waw i did not try it in waw but when i tried it in cod 4 it just crashes as soon as i join a server ... anyhow i dont really like cod4 MW ... i just like CSS :D

    btw i downloaded this guy cheat ... well its not cheat it a unlock all mission and it made a new profile called unleashed ( the guy who made the cheats name probably) and now sounds work a longer time but then again it stops at the end ... i really would like to fix that game ... but i guess i will just wait for cod 6 ... lets hope a demo comes out soon xD
  12. ithi69

    ithi69 Techie7 New Member


    Had the same problem, but got it FIXED !!

    Firstly you will have to download this - MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
    Once downloaded, extract it and inside there will be a Readme which will explain how to put this on.

    Once you have done that you will have to change your sound settings, to this -

    -Control Panel
    -Click on your default Speakers
    -And change the bit rate to - 24 bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality).

    Try launching the game now - Everything should run fine.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2011