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Installed scsi card now wont boot right

Discussion in 'How to: Building a PC, Modding, Overclocking' started by Ant1701, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. Ant1701

    Ant1701 Techie7 New Member

    I installed a scsi card on my computer -Dell 90- 20 gb hd
    now it wont recognize the hard drive- keeps asking for a boot disk

    Also- have 128mb Ram and it only recognizes 81-??

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  2. DJNafey

    DJNafey UK site moderator

    Please don't take offence if you've already thought of this but is it actually a bootable SCSI card? Not many people realise that you can get bootable types (for starting up the PC from a hard disk) and non-bootable types (e.g. for running backup tape drives etc once you've already booted into Windows). I'm not familiar with Dell SCSI cards so I can't tell which you've got :confused:

    As for the memory issue, that's rather peculiar. Have you upgraded your memory recently with a second RAM module? If so, does each module report the correct amount when you've only got one fitted?

    Do you have an on-board (shared memory) graphics card? These use some of your system RAM for running your graphics so, if you've got 128Mb RAM installed and your BIOS is set to use 8Mb for graphics (video), then your system is likely to report only 120Mb. To be honest though, 81xxxKb is a pretty strange number.
  3. Ant1701

    Ant1701 Techie7 New Member

    Well It's not a dell SCSI Card- sorry for the confusion- Is there a way around the booting type to boot with windows instead?
  4. DJNafey

    DJNafey UK site moderator

    I've made an assumption that your hard disk is a SCSI hard disk, which is why you've fitted a SCSI card. Is that right or is your hard disk a standard IDE type connected via a cable to the motherboard?

    If your hard disk is a SCSI type and your SCSI card is a non-bootable kind, there's no way that you'll get it to boot into Windows.

    If it's not a Dell SCSI card, what is it? If you can give me a make and a model number (e.g. Adaptec AHA2940), then I might be able to get some more information to help.