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Yahoo Security Centre - Password Scams

Discussion in 'General Security Issues and Questions' started by JazzDude, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. JazzDude

    JazzDude Guest

  2. gordon

    gordon Guest

    Thanks for sharing this Jazz.

  3. JazzDude

    JazzDude Guest

    You're welcome, Gordon..
  4. Flyfsh

    Flyfsh Techie7 New Member

    Some good info. Thank you.
  5. JazzDude

    JazzDude Guest

    Thanks Flyfsh. :cool:

  6. Tyler

    Tyler Guest

    I used to use Yahoo! But I really didn't like it that much. Very good information Jazz.
  7. JazzDude

    JazzDude Guest

    No worries....I used to use 'Crap'hoo as well, but don't anymore........LOL ;)