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Yahoo! Unveils Year's Top Sites

Discussion in 'General Security Issues and Questions' started by Ren Craig, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. Ren Craig

    Ren Craig Techie7 New Member

    Yahoo! Unveils Year's Top Sites

    A site looking at Britain's ugliest cars; the homepage of comedian Bill Bailey; and the home of the Badger song which spent most of 2004 driving everyone crazy have been voted among the best of the last year.

    Yahoo! has unveiled its finds of the year, with a typically odd mix chosen. Bailey, the comedian whose site launches to a frankly bizarre French-style fanfare of music, reportedly beat off competition including Keira Knightley for the celebrity prize. Weebls stuff, meanwhile, is described as "a feast of oddball entertainment". The Badger song, the judging panel decided, was a life-changing moment. And uglycars.co.uk won the "weird and wonderful" prize for its depiction of "the most hideous cars that have ever had the nerve to tread the tarmac".

    There's also a more serious side, with sites including Timebank - which encourages visitors to give some of their time to supporting worthy causes - Your Amazing Brain, offering all sorts of educational activities, and Derelict London, described as "a strangely beautiful gallery of the obscure and unseen places in the great capital".

    The sites were chosen by a panel including Gary Broughton from FHM.com, Jonathan Goddard of the Metro newspaper, Bobby Macaulay from the Unst Bus Shelter community website which won last year, Salim Mitha of Yahoo!, and Tricia Phillips from the Daily Mirror. Voting is now open for the people's choice award to choose the best of the 10 sites listed.

    Yahoo sites of the year 2004........
  2. Blizey

    Blizey Techie7 New Member