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POP3 support finally coming to Hotmail worldwide

Discussion in 'Chat Room' started by Kaistar, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Kaistar

    Kaistar Dedicated Member

    A lot of people are unhappy with hotmail but because I've been using it for years and most of my online stuff is registered with hotmail... I can't help but to be really happy to hear this news.

    Windows Live: Hotmail Finally Enables POP3 Worldwide
  2. townsbg

    townsbg Senior Member

    In the past they only did pop3 for "premium" members as does yahoo.
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  3. townsbg

    townsbg Senior Member

    Ok it does work on free accounts.
  4. Kaistar

    Kaistar Dedicated Member

    Oops sorry forgot to mention that part where it's available for everyone now and not just premium members.

    Somehow my Thunderbird isn't working with it well.