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Is "noob" a noob's word?

Discussion in 'Chat Room' started by penguinpaul, Aug 27, 2008.


Is a noob a word used by noobs and gamers?

  1. Yup

    6 vote(s)
  2. Nah

    2 vote(s)
  1. penguinpaul

    penguinpaul Dedicated Member

    Is the word "Noob" a noob's word? a gaming nerd?

    cos i hate people saying it, usually they are acting like a nerd and a noob themselves.....
  2. Kaistar

    Kaistar Dedicated Member

    I'm not too sure about your question actually. I think it's what a "noob" would call others, but I don't think it's what a "gamer" would call others.

    So... I don't know if I should vote "Yup" or "Nah"
  3. DevilsAdvocate

    DevilsAdvocate Techie7 New Member

    Maybe, but 'n00b' is an insult from someone who isn't a noob to someone who is. N00b! ;)
  4. Kaistar

    Kaistar Dedicated Member

    Hmm... But then someone who isn't a noob should be empathetic instead of condescending right? Then again of course, there are instances where people do tremendously ridiculous things in-game...
  5. k_9

    k_9 Dedicated Member

    Actually, yup, noobs call others noobs. It's true. When i used to hang out in the arcade, all of the serious gamers would call other people who weren't as good as themselves, noobs.

    I think it's an American word, as most serious gamers are from the US and quite honestly, i've never been called a noob by someone who wasn't from the US.
  6. penguinpaul

    penguinpaul Dedicated Member

    in a gmers world, noobs actually get out and have a life :)
  7. k_9

    k_9 Dedicated Member

    Are you an expert on this subject paul? In my opinion, no they don't, else they wouldn't be noobs, wouldn't be called noobs and therefore there would be no moral meaning for the word noob. You follow my drift?
  8. penguinpaul

    penguinpaul Dedicated Member

    serious gamers, call rubbish gamers noobs, but they are rubbish cos they dont spend 23 hours a day on the games...
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  9. k_9

    k_9 Dedicated Member

    ...but that doesn't make them noobs. That just means that they have sense not to damage their eyes for when they get older. Serious gamers = glasses. Correct me if i'm wrong please.
  10. Kaistar

    Kaistar Dedicated Member

    I'm getting a bit lost on the debate here. I'm not sure who paul mean when he says "they" lol. Because it would change a whole lot if "they = serious gamers" and "they = casual/not-so-good gamers".

    However, I don't think it's an American word though. I'm a Malaysian gamer and I've heard it even in the Malaysian MMOG community. I find it very offensive and having heard it quite a lot it's one of the reasons I don't enjoy MMOGs much.

    Lots of gamers like to call newbs, noobs. Which is sad because it chases away newbs (like me).

    I think that the Poll's question is a little bit too vague. Maybe a proper definition and explanation would make it easier for people to understand, give opinions and perhaps debate further on the topic.
  11. k_9

    k_9 Dedicated Member

    Ah, the man of Mystery defines the way we see this debate. Which makes me wonder, why has the DAL arcde been disconnected? Surely the gamers haven't been being mean to the newbs.
    Is the server having difficulties with all these new members, because quite a few only join because of the arcade. I know the majority of the arcade players joined because of the arcade when i used to play, and i know i did... that was before i found the wonders of this forum. ;)
  12. Kaistar

    Kaistar Dedicated Member

    LOL! Hope I didn't offend you by accident man. Definitely didn't mean to. I've never really played at the D-A-L arcade truth be told. not that into flash games lol.
  13. k_9

    k_9 Dedicated Member

    lol, Nah, not offended, just amused greatly. Only thing that you got slightly wrong was "man" Last time i remeber i wasn't. ;) I played a few games and only those few from thae arcade. The most obvious ones like simon and a game that requires 4 seconds to complete. 4 second fury. Wicked game!

    Besides that, i managed to get "King of the Arcade" a few times. Woo hoo, best player for about a week! Ahem... well... until i turned my back and i was down to 8th. :mad:
  14. penguinpaul

    penguinpaul Dedicated Member

    i meant the "noobs" by they. if a person isnt amazing on the game cos they dont spend 24 hours a day on it, they get called a noob. I guess it started with newbs being called noobs. Then people get called noobs because they arent as good as the person calling them a noob.
    what annoys me is that people are starting to use it outside of games, and calling people noobs if they prive them wrong. I have been proven wrong on something trivial, and got called a noob. Thats what really annoys me..
  15. k_9

    k_9 Dedicated Member

    No offence, you sound like you're making that up a little.

    Oh, and yes, it is annoying, but it's not really something to be taken offence at. Children will play eh, they'll grow out of calling people childish names like noob and you can be the grown up one (for once lol) :D I've been proven wrong many times, yet if people want to call me a noob or whatever, they can, afterall they're all XXXX
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  16. DevilsAdvocate

    DevilsAdvocate Techie7 New Member

    That's a very broad tar-brush you have there... :whistling
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  17. Kaistar

    Kaistar Dedicated Member



    My connection's kinda terrible these days so my TF2's kinda left to rot. Well, that and I'm terrible at it (Dying is my forte~). I'm sort of worried that when I go to the States to further my studies, the Uni might block off online games... I'd be so sad then man. Lol.

    So k, what games you in to hmm? You sound like a very fun to game with person xD
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  18. penguinpaul

    penguinpaul Dedicated Member


    is that not bypassing swear protection systems on DAL :hammer: is that not against the t/c :whistling

    seriously tho, i know some gamers who actually call anyone they beat a noob :excl:

    so i usually play single player on everything :rolleyes:

    i love these emoticons :boat:
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  19. Kaistar

    Kaistar Dedicated Member

    *nods* Yeap I can definitely relate. Therefore...

    Hahahahah. K, I hope you don't mind me quoting that all the time lol. Cause it just cracks me up each time xD :21:
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  20. rockinteenbabe

    rockinteenbabe Dedicated Member

    noob means newbie - like a new person to the game

    more experienced players call the newer players noobs like as in they have no idea how to play coz they r rubbish