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cuil - A new search engine

Discussion in 'General Security Issues and Questions' started by Digerati, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Digerati

    Digerati Super Moderator Techie7 Moderator

    cuil (pronounced) "cool" was launched today. Created by X (disgruntled?) Google engineers - it is pretty impressive.
  2. d-a-l

    d-a-l Techie7 Administrator Staff Member Techie7 Chief

    Oh well, fell at the first hurdle....infrastructure...

    No results because of high load...

    Due to excessive load, our servers didn't return results. Please try your search again.
  3. Digerati

    Digerati Super Moderator Techie7 Moderator

    It probably did not help it was all over CNN and Headline news this morning that the chief architect of Google's search engine went off on her own, and dragged some top IT engineers (PhD types) with her, claiming to have built a better engine. We'll see what happens when the dust settles.
  4. rokytnji

    rokytnji Dedicated Member

    Not to throw a fly in the ointment but on Linux.org people who have visited cuil have had their browser redirected to porn sites and probed by anti virus programs. Not cuils fault. Just is whats happening. I haven't checked the new posts to see what they say but here is the link if you care to check it out.
    Warning About Cuil!! - Linux Forums
  5. Digerati

    Digerati Super Moderator Techie7 Moderator

    Ummm, it didn't say anything about being redirected anywhere. It said the results for the search pattern included porn sites and another site started an anti-virus site. Personally, it sounds like he got click happy and did not pay attention to what he was doing. That said, cuil does have an filter option to prevent porn results from coming through. If that was enabled and it still came through, that is a problem.
  6. d-a-l

    d-a-l Techie7 Administrator Staff Member Techie7 Chief

    Its working today, I have to say I really do not like it.

    The design is horrible in my opinion, search needs tons of white space to help you find what you are looking for quickly. The random picture it pulls back with the results is pointless and seems random in that the picture has nothing to do with the website in some cases. There is way too much text next to each listing and I don't want to look left right up and down on results.

    I personally would never use this search engine.
  7. Digerati

    Digerati Super Moderator Techie7 Moderator

    After trying it a bit, I must admit my initial enthusiasm is short-lived. I don't like to see pages and pages of items. In Newegg, for example, I always change the default to 100 items per page, then I work my scroll wheel on my mouse. With cuil, 9 items per page when there are 75million hits don't cut it.

    I might feel differently if the 9 were good hits, but they are not.

    Enter: XP heat shutdown

    and you get items from smartmoney on heat and survival in the backwoods and 2 items on Win98 with one about instalar e fazer disco de but!

    Enter: XP heat shutdown unexpected

    and you get 1 hit! (66.9K with Google, 973 in Ask, 90.5K in Yahoo!)

    With all the fanfare that went into this launch, it fizzling out from the start probably killed it, as many will not give it a second thought, even if it regroups.

    One idea I like is how it sorts finding by subgroups, then adds tabs to your results page for each sort. Neat idea, but it needs work.

    A surprise was when I started to enter: tire reviews.... and it suggested Tire Reviews & Ratings and when I clicked on that, it reported no results found. :wacko: Taking out the ampersand and I got 53K hits.
  8. d-a-l

    d-a-l Techie7 Administrator Staff Member Techie7 Chief

    It seems one of their biggest marketing pushes is the fact its the biggest search engine in the world in that it has the largest index of pages. Maybe someone should have told them that having the largest index is useless if you cannot search it efficiently and accurately. I also see they have $33,000,000 in backing? I guess they didnt employ a web designer with that cash yet....
  9. Bear

    Bear D-A-L Elite Member

    I checked it out and I have to say I wasn't impressed, just my 2 ¢
  10. Digerati

    Digerati Super Moderator Techie7 Moderator

    You would think with this kind of brainpower coming from Google, knowing what Google did right and what they did wrong, they should have got it right.

    Oh well - fortunately, Google works.
  11. d-a-l

    d-a-l Techie7 Administrator Staff Member Techie7 Chief

    What a waste of publicity. They really could have done something special and taken a ride on the media wave to just possibly have a bite at Google. How can a bunch of people with that track record get something so wrong? How on earth did it make it past even early testing? Surely you benchmark your search results against the best in the business, Google, and as soon as you do that its a non starter. Weird. Almost like an april fools joke.
  12. Digerati

    Digerati Super Moderator Techie7 Moderator

    It wasn't just publicity - it was boasting with great fanfare! I wonder if they had a PR firm set up the announcement and press release.

    I think it will be interesting to see how they attempt to recover. Taking care of bandwidth is easy, if you have the cash. And it seems the more they see what the public is searching for, the more they could fine tune the process.

    If the 9 results on the results page consistently gave me the answers I was looking for, I might be persuaded to use it.

    My problem right now with Google is I am not sure if the top result is what I want to see, or what Google wants me to see.
  13. rokytnji

    rokytnji Dedicated Member

    Well tried out Cuil. They had a pretty picture of a girl looking at her laptop screen in the grass next to the DAL link. I checked there preference and privacy sections, liked the safe browsing options. Also liked that they aren;t going to share my ip address. That alone convinced me to bookmark their browser. I don't know yet if I'll make them my home page or default browser yet. Too soon to tell but I like their mission statement. Time will tell I guess. Oh and it worked faster than google on my Amrel laptop.
  14. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    I haven't found the interest or time to try it but have been reading about it:

    Wiki says:

    And Cuil says:

    And BrickSalad via Reddit says:

    More Reddit posts and comments follow here: NSFW / Adult Material / etc.

    Quantum Porn: Cuil Reinvents Web Search (NSFW) : reddit.com

    Ex-Googlers reinvent web search | The Register
  15. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    It does make for a lot of interesting reading:

    I don't understand what Cuil is doing : reddit.com

  16. d-a-l

    d-a-l Techie7 Administrator Staff Member Techie7 Chief

    They should never have released it so early. They are getting a lot of negative PR right now which I guess could be a positive thing in terms of the fact we are all talking about them but if nobody uses the service then in a few months the name could be forgotten.

    Bottom line is people use a search engine to find the most relevant search results for their query. After that they worry about Privacy. I was reading yesterday someone saying that instead of creating a search engine, if they are so worried about privacy they should have developed a tool which protects your privacy when searching.....
  17. k_9

    k_9 Dedicated Member

    I think i might be using it. Just got round to having a look at it and i'm quite impressed by first. I like the way they layout the searches and give a lot more information than google before you actually have to browse the site. I also like the box wich gives an individual acknowledgement of the testemonials, and that there are people online to help you every single day. Compared to google, it's a lot more interesting, but the name at first when i saw you talking about it put me off. I haven't yet found any problems which i'd class as "problems" and the privacy is also a plus. If they could get more people to know the name, then maybe, just maybe it could become a success.
  18. Digerati

    Digerati Super Moderator Techie7 Moderator

    I keep going back to give it check to see if I will change my mind (again).

    I still have mixed feelings about it. When it gets a solid hit on your search string, I like it, but if it has to rely on "fuzzy" logic, it misses badly and behaves oddly. For example, I am restoring my first audiophile quality speakers, a set of Acoustic Research AR3a Speaker Systems. They cost me a month's pay (each!) but I was living in the barracks on a rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in 1972 with the Chow Hall just next door - so I got by, and they were worth every penny!

    When searching for a crossover kit, I left out the word "crossover" entered: AR3a rebuild kit. Four items are listen, but only one has do with AR3a speakers. Sadly, the link just takes you to a book seller. The odd part is, it reports it found 14 results.

    Inserting the word crossover brings up 1 result, the bookstore.

    Revising the search to AR3a crossover kit brings up 4 results but 3 go to the same site - and it says there are 18 results.

    Same searches in Google yields less detailed results, but 100s more useful results, including crossover parts lists, schematics, suppliers, clubs, and more for these vintage audio history makers. cuil just isn't very kewl! ;)
  19. rokytnji

    rokytnji Dedicated Member

  20. k_9

    k_9 Dedicated Member

    Lol, Doogle made me laugh! But why would they want a link for Eurovision, they'll have to wait another year to redeem themselves. Gosh, i hope that one wasn't broadcasted in the media, imagine what remarks they'd get! Well, their search engine will sure die out. What we need here is an Irish guy to shed some light on us.

    Now... who the hell uses Doogle? I've never heard of it before. However, I see that anything to do with leprechans or gobsh!te turns up on my favourites.