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To Linux or not to Linux that is the Question

Discussion in 'Alternative Operating System Help' started by bootneck02, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. bootneck02

    bootneck02 Dedicated Member

    :stupid:Well now here a thing, I have just received my CD from the Linux Shop with Ubuntu Heron 8.04 and intend to dual boot with XP on a very cheap PC I purchased so that I have a PC that I can play about with whilst doing the A+ Technicians course without screwing up my own treasured Vista PC. Can someone tell me why there are many people so vociferous ether against Linux or for Linux and against Windows or Mac. I would have thought that open source would a good thing, obviously not for Microsoft but for the PC user, education schools & colleges and for industry as they would not get fleeced for the restrictive licences from Microsoft. So why the controversy. :no::yes:

    I also understand that Linux I s far better protected against attack from hackers etc so security is far better, but what about drivers for hardware does Linux support all hardware for example I have a Auzen X-Meridian 7.1 sound card with a Logitech Z5500 sound system will Linux support that and a GT8800 video card. As you can see I am a complete virgin as far as Linux is concerned and appreciate a few comments. :clap:
  2. owen

    owen D-A-L Team Member (UK)

    The thing is, it's fear of unchartered waters and unfamiliarity. Linux OS's are capable of doing the same as Windows or Mac, but as with the differences between Windows and Macs, Linux is different again. Microsoft have a monopoly and most hardware and software works with Microsoft software. However, the Linux community is strong enough to produce applications and drivers for the same purpose, something which they usually do. I tried to do a switch to Linux but it is very very difficult because everything has to be adjusted, something which people don't want to do when they have everything ticking away nicely.

    For example, Linux doesn't have the licensing to provide some proprietary formats like WMA and WMV of Microsoft. I wouldn't be able to use Visual Basic in Linux for my college course.

    I also think Linux suffers due to the many different distributions available. This is really confusing for users and means that Linux lacks a definitive brand and brand image, making advertising and promotion extremely difficult. Because Linux distros range from friendly home user interfaces to fully functioning sever software, Linux can't be marketed as just "Linux". I think Linux are at a disadvantage, because people trust big brands, huge companies to deliver, when the Linux community actually does a darn good job.

    The fact that Linux is more secure is open to debate. You can't accurately assess this when the market share is so small and hackers are less likely to target. The one thing that does maker Linux appear more secure is the fact that is Open Source so anyone in the community can look for security flaws and help fix them when a problem arises. Such an active community allows flaws to be shut quickly.
  3. bootneck02

    bootneck02 Dedicated Member

    Hi again all, and need some help, I have now got two Linux download discs one is Simply MEMPHIS 7.0 and the other is Ubuntu 8.04 as yet I have not tried to install ether. The 500gig C drive has been partisioned to 250 gig (C drive) for the existing XP OS and 214 gig (D drive) for the potential Linux OS.
    1) What do I need to do now.
    2) Which of the 2 Linux OS is the better for a novice (I am not into writing programs)
    3) How do I install into the D drive. :wacko::sweatdrop:stupid:

    Any help would be apreaciated or a link where I might get help would be a help.

    PS The pc is not as shown in my signature and is :-
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  4. penguinpaul

    penguinpaul Dedicated Member

    i would reccommend you use ubuntu, it has a nice easy to use desktop, and everything seems to work :)
  5. bootneck02

    bootneck02 Dedicated Member

    Thanks Paul, do you have any idea how to download it on to my partisioned C drive? Sorry about this seems to be rather basic but I am a virgin at this:helpsmili I will be downloading it on to the D drive.:stupid:
  6. penguinpaul

    penguinpaul Dedicated Member

    Well, if you download the Live CD, it will be an ISO. Burn it, and boot up your computer with it in. It will load up inside ubuntu. You can even use the OS from the disc :)
    From here, there is a partition and install wizard.. Does it all for you :)
    You can even get cannocal to give you a free disc of it, but it takes a few weeks..
    If you want to get a disc of it rather than download the big file, ask and i'll find you the link :)
  7. Kaistar

    Kaistar Dedicated Member

    Yo bootneck, would you perhaps mind giving your opinions on switching from Windows to Linux? I've previously considered Linux before but the fact that it does not support iTunes and I've a 160GB iPod kinda scared me away...
  8. rokytnji

    rokytnji Dedicated Member

  9. rokytnji

    rokytnji Dedicated Member

    Bootneck, Just my 2 cents worth, Mepis 7.0 comes with codecs already installed and is a fine operating system. Ubuntu has a larger support base and is more widely used. I ran Mepis for awhile and Utube and other videos plus DVD worked right after install. I later installed Ubuntu Hardy later just out of curiosity even though Mepis was running like a champ. Ubuntu took a lot more setting up than Mepis to get things right. When you do your install check out my help links to coach you through. I believe on of them is a video for a mepis dualboot install also. Just substitute Mepis 7.0 for the 6.5 that the tutorial shows. If you choose to install Ubuntu There are some good links in my help post for that also.

    I would suggest you install the Gnome desktop version as in my opinion it is the superior desktop right now. I know others might tend to disagree with me but KDE 4.0 is kind of buggy right now. Alot of people are keeping their KDE 3.5 version right now.

    One of my links shows you how to install software and the authors preferred applications where he installs software for what he considers the perfect Ubuntu Hardy Heron Desktop. I used it to enhance mu Ubuntu O/S.

    As you stated hardware drivers can be a pain because software propriertary drivers usually are wrote for just windows. Linux uses "ndiswrapper" and "wine" to get around this at times and also like Owen said alot of drivers are being wrote by the open source community. I haven't had to use anything other than Linux drivers to get my systems working, even wirelessly. My printer which is a old Lexmark Z645 which is not linux friendly by the way, I got working in Ubuntu using Linux drivers with a bit of research.

    Have fun with it and good luck with your install, just pay attention to passwords you enter and user names you enter. (Real Important)
  10. bootneck02

    bootneck02 Dedicated Member

    :tank:Hi all thanks for the replies, well I have downloaded Ubuntu Heron dual booted it on my XP PC, No trouble there as yet I have no troubles with the drivers, but may have when I try to use the printer as it is networked with my wifes PC running XP. Some of the the things I have found out so far is there is no need for anti spyware software and the firewall is automaticly downloaded on installation, the tools to keep the hard drive clean and clear of rubbish and keep the registry are also not required as Ubuntu does not have a registry. It also means everything you have learned about Windows forget and re learn how Ubuntu functions, a forum I have sign up with is as follows and has links with other Linux forums which I have found helpful .:clap:

    Ubuntu Forums forumdisplay.php?f=326

    I thought some of you also might find it useful as well, as it only deals with Ubuntu and other Linux based OS.
    Thanks again for the help all, back to trying to fathom out the new OS.:stupid:
  11. bootneck02

    bootneck02 Dedicated Member

    Oh to Kaistar there is no fear about spyware or viruses as all the software for the Linux OS is done directly through the open source organisation.
  12. Kaistar

    Kaistar Dedicated Member

    I'm gonna squeal like a bimbo now y'all...



    Forgive me for being such a dummy but well Linux has always been a very scary prospect to me so I never dug up much about it. And when I met a guy using it and he told me (in a gloomy doomsday voice) that games, Microsoft Office and iTunes does not run on it... It kinda scared the crap outta me.

    Is the leap from Office XP to Linux tough? Is Linux easily skinnable (I'm a windowblinds etc junkie)? Would it be wise for a general gamer & surfer with a laptop meant for college usage to jump into Linux?

    Last but not least, should I open a new thread? lol...

    Seriously... no malware and ****... Wow man...
  13. rokytnji

    rokytnji Dedicated Member

    Kaister , this is what I had to say to Johanus in another thread,

    If you want to run Linux in Windows, (which is kinda cool), go here Wubi - Ubuntu Installer for Windows It runs linux inside of Windows but is still a seperate operating system. If you get good at linux later and want to free up the space on your hardrive in Windows just go to the Ubuntu folder in Start>Explore and click on the uninstaller icon in the file and boom, linux is gone.

    If you go the wubi route Ubuntu will be added to your Windows bootloader and when you start up your computer you will get the Bootscreen from Windows with Windows XP on top and Ubuntu underneath so you can pick which system you want to boot. I think on the Wubi install you can pick from a 8gig install to a 30gig install. Its a neat way to play with Linux in my opinion. Read the whole page on the Wubi link to get a idea what I am talking about. I also recommend the Ubuntu install,Not the Xubuntu one. Just make sure you remember user name and password (write it down) as it is important because you log in every time you boot up linux,(because you are admin.):scooter:
  14. Kaistar

    Kaistar Dedicated Member

    What's the difference with Ubuntu and Xubuntu? Is Wubi better than running Linux on a VM? I just did some reading on VMware and Virtual Machine PC but they both seem quite demanding...

    I have only 1 partition (aka no partition?) on my HDD, would it be dangerous to install Wubi? I've read the page but am still a little unsure. I'm quite worried it might screw up my pc lol. And what's the difference between the installation sizes?

    Thanks Roky =)
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2008
  15. rokytnji

    rokytnji Dedicated Member

    Wubi install of Linux is like any exe. install on Windows. I aint sure how it will interact with your Gforce card, I haven't googled Dell Vostro yet and Ubuntu to see what is up. Can't say it is safe or dangerous yet. I gota look first. I wouldn't run it yet till I do some research first.
  16. Kaistar

    Kaistar Dedicated Member

    Oh so you'll be helping me google up on Wubi and Vostro? Thanks man. I'm not running the original nVidia driver either to top it off. I've been reading the WubiGuide but not in detail as I'm rushing out lol. Thanks for the help anyway. I'll have to check the forums when I get back =)
  17. rokytnji

    rokytnji Dedicated Member

    Here is what I have got so far

    I didn't see much in anybody having any problems, maybe you might have to work a little at getting wireless to work. I would to be on the safe side, hook up a cable when in linux to download updates and such and if you get stuck on something you can always boot into windows to get answers to questions. You'll have to google" Linux Wine" to see what games work in Wine and what ones don't.
  18. rokytnji

    rokytnji Dedicated Member

    What the hell, I click on my links to check them and I get a server down message. Sorry Kaister.
  19. rokytnji

    rokytnji Dedicated Member

    It looks like the links are good, the problem is with the Ubuntu forums server right now. Maybe they will work tomorrow. Found this blog herehttp://vostrolinux.blogspot.com/search/label/1500
    Dual Boot Ubuntu XP Dell Vostro Simply Seth’s Weblog
    Here is what another guy said about Wubi install on Dell Vostro !500

    I also tried out the WUBI install from inside Windows and I'm happy to say it worked like a charm too, but I wanted to have Ubuntu on it's on REAL partition.

    Here is his specs

    Dell Vostro 1500 - Dual Boot - Windows Vista Ultimate || Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron
    Core 2 Duo 2.2ghz - 2gb RAM - geForce 8600m GT
  20. bootneck02

    bootneck02 Dedicated Member

    :yinyang:I have noticed in the Linux comunity that many start off by dual booting until they master the new OS then ether move away completely from MS:hang:eek:r keep running XP just for their games but use Linux OS for their main OS. The Linux comunity is very helpful to new users and of course there is a Linux magazine here sold at most newsagents and supermarkets £6-49 here in the UK called Linux Format (Linux Format :: The website of the UK's best-selling Linux magazine) which comes with a DVD with many distro's and a good read and very informative for the new and experienced user.:yes: