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Wireless Broadband connection

Discussion in 'Firewalls and Networks' started by OwenR, Oct 11, 2004.

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  1. OwenR

    OwenR Techie7 New Member

    I have got a BT Broadband basic package which is all working fine at the moment. Problem is I want to move my PC, to a room where I can't really get a phone line in. So looks like my only option is a wireless connection.

    Was going to get a Belkin ADSL modem with built in wireless router and a belkin wireless PCI adapter, but before I order it, I have a coupel of questions, if people don't mind giving me some advice??!

    a) does this seem the best way to do it


    b) Will I have any problems getting this to run with the BT basic package? The software that came with it is all for their ADSL modem and seems to install some connection program on the computer. I assume I can manually set up the connection myself, but I just want to be sure?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. BigT

    BigT Techie7 New Member

    You'll have no problem with using that kit on your BT basic package. It seems like the best way of going about doing it. As long as the wireless router has an ADSL modem built in and is not packaged as a "broadband router" then it will be as simple as entering your BT username and account into the router and off you go.

    Personally I would get a USB instead of PCI wireless card because you can posiiton it more easily for a strongest signal. The only other warning Iwould give is that if you play online games a lot you'll find your latency suffers as a result. Oh and don't forget to turn WEP on so that your neighbours don't use your broadband for free.
  3. OwenR

    OwenR Techie7 New Member

    Cheers BigT. The kit is arriving on Friday, so will let you know how it all went!
    It's for my parents really, and that don't use it that much, least of all for gaming, so I don't see them having any problems with that.
  4. OwenR

    OwenR Techie7 New Member

    All done, no problems at all.

    Simple to set up, just entered username and password (always BT) and everything else was set for me.

    Cheers again BigT!
  5. graywok

    graywok Established Techie7 Member


    Newbie just registered - as have a similar problem. I have just installed BT Broadband Basic but wanted to use it in a wireless configuration - just like Owen R . I have bought a Netgear (834 ) ADSL wireless Modem Router firewall thingy and a PC card and am having trouble configuring it to work.
    ...Quoting BIG T "As long as the wireless router has an ADSL modem built in and is not packaged as a "broadband router" then it will be as simple as entering your BT username and account into the router and off you go...

    ?Have I bought the correct set up and just need to to set it up correctly ?

    I was going to call the Netgear helpline - but saw this forum and the reply seemed to solve it...so here goes.
    Many thanks
  6. BigT

    BigT Techie7 New Member

    DG834 has a built in ADSL modem so there are no issues there. What sort of trouble are you having?
  7. graywok

    graywok Established Techie7 Member

    Hi Big T ,

    That sounds good - I have the correct kit - It sounds straightforward so must be down to my setting up the connection at Username password entry stage :rolleyes: . I,ll give it a go tonight when I get home and report back .
    Thanks again
  8. Andy1966

    Andy1966 Techie7 New Member

    (I sent this to OwenR direct, but I thought I'd open it up for general comment too)

    I have to do exactly the same for a friend tomorrow and I was also worried about BT's statement that the basic service doesn't support wireless or shared connections.

    Can you let me know exactly what settings you had to input into the router to get it to work please?

    As I remember, my friend didn't get a password so is it just a username of "firstname.lastname@btbroadband.com" and then "BT" as a password?

    Also, did you need to make any router changes for PPPoE/PPPoA or anything else that needed you to change settings?


  9. OwenR

    OwenR Techie7 New Member

    It's very odd why they say they don't support it, very odd indeed. I can only assume it's because they want to sell their own wireless kit (they have a voy one)

    Basically I set it as a PPoE, entered the username (as you specified above) the password which is BT and the VPI/VCI which I set a 0 , 38. Now I'm not sure if that is generic, but I got it from looking at the connection which I has already installed with the BT basic software than came - (internet options, connection) After that, there was no problems everything was picked up automatically, apart from some fiddling around with the firewall. All works fine.
  10. BigT

    BigT Techie7 New Member

    OwenR is quite right in the settings described.

    Now let me tell you what it means that BT don't support it. There are two reasons why they say they won't support it.

    1. They'd like people who want to share their connection to buy one of their business packages and their equipment they re-sell as Owen suggests

    2. They don't want their support staff to provide advice on kit not provided by BT

    You can see their point with the second one. Would you want to train every helpdesk employee in every ADSL router known to man?

    The upshot is that it will work just fine but if you have a problem getting it to work you can't phone BT for advice. However, you may get lucky and some kind sole on helpdesk will give you a clue but they reserve the right to turn around and say, "Sorry you're not running our supported hardware". More importantly you are not in breach of contract by using your own hardware.
  11. Andy1966

    Andy1966 Techie7 New Member

    Thanks guys, I got it working just fine :)

    I installed the Voyager modem first to make sure the ADSL connection was working OK and then I upgraded to the wireless router. Interestingly when I "tidied up" and removerd the voyager modem drivers and the BT help software everything mysteriously stopped working, I couldn't even get an ADSL light on the router. So I reinstalled the Voyager, then reset the router and it all worked again. I wonder if the uninstall program does something nasty behind the scenes...

    Anyway, it's all working now, thanks again.

  12. OwenR

    OwenR Techie7 New Member

    Glad it's working mate.
    I had a few problems after set up, with the router not picking up anything, didn't think it was anything to do with me getting rid of the bt software though. I had to turn off the pc, reset the router, then turn the pc back on, but it worked fine after than.
  13. BigT

    BigT Techie7 New Member

    hmmm... key difference is that with the Voyager installed your PC is expecting to "Dial Up" to its internet connection (even though ADSL is always on). When you uninstalled the software it probably meant your PC had no dial up adapter left and when that happens Windows looks by default to the network for internet connectivity. And using a router effectively means your PC is using the network for its internet connectivity and hey presto it works.

    However I find it strange that the lights didn't work on the router. Oh well, its all sorted now and that's the main thing.
  14. julimen

    julimen Techie7 New Member

    I also signed up to broadband basic but have since bought a Netgear wireless router which works fine. Because I am about 7 km from the exchange, I don't get a very good connection so have been having to stick with the Voyager 105 while BT was sorting the problems. (They installed a special ADSL master socket & separated out all my extension wiring f-o-c).
    However, one helpline advisor said that BB-basic wouldn't work with an ADSL router. When I asked what would prevent it working, he said that BB-basic lines need to see the Voyager Modem which sends a handshake identifier. This was obviously baloney as the Netgear worked instantly after its automatic set-up wizard kicked in. Now, it connects automatically to the internet as soon as its switched on - no clunky dialog boxes to deal with.
    I still get mediocre connections with frequent drop-outs when using the Voyager. However the Netgear is infinitely better and very stable despite the poor noise margin on my line (the Netgear's status display provides lots of information).
    I won't be uninstalling the Voyager software because I'll need to have it in place if my line develops more faults in the future.
  15. graywok

    graywok Established Techie7 Member

    My wireless router works fine now . Just had to install the netgear software , update the settings and enter the correct username and password I use for BT Broadband and hey presto connection is fine on laptop and PC.Thanks Big T and the rest for your help :>)
    The only issue i now have is the amount being downloaded . I installed on 19th via modem - update to wireless on 23rd and BT have just sent me a warnings alert telling me I,m over my limit - 1.12 GB . So fellow Basic users , it doesnt take long if you are downloding programs or music. Having 2 teenage children doesnt help either.
    I may have to consider upgrading the level of service ( from 1GB 17.99 to 15 GB at 24.99)or switch to another ISP with a higher or unrestricted limit.
    BT will allow the 1st full month free on the basic service - so it means we will downloading like crazy for remainder of Oct and Nov and see how it goes for now.
    Cheers Graham
  16. BigT

    BigT Techie7 New Member

    I'm glad its all working for you. Interesting story julimen and some sensible advice about leaving the dial up software on in case something goes wrong. I did the same thing when I was with BT.

    I must laugh about your bandwidth graywok. Its a familiar story to alot of broadband users. It prompted me to go online and check my plusnet account and saw I'd used 36Gb this month! Fortunately I am on an unlimited package.
  17. DJNafey

    DJNafey UK site moderator

    I must definitely be in a minority - I've just DOWNgraded from "BT Yahoo Broadband all-singing-all-dancing download whatever you want for £28 a month" to Broadband Basic 1Gb-limited because it's cheaper and I didn't need all the extras. I do, however, have a decent amount of web space and a good email bandwidth linked to my own domain that's hosted by BigT :)

    Glad to hear you guys have all had only minor issues and it seems to be easier to set up than I might have thought - I've been considering going wireless for a while now ..... maybe I'll get some heating sorted out in my new conservatory and then get myself a little second-hand laptop so I can surf the 'net out there and watch the telly in the lounge at the same time :)

    Can a mod now close this thread so we can start new conversations separately please? :)
  18. JimS

    JimS Techie7 New Member

    Just trying to set a new Broadband (BT) connection. Despite my antiquated and basic phone line, everything works fine when connected via an ethernet cable from Voyager modem to laptop, but going 'wireless' has thrown up a problem (apologies if this has already been addressed somewhere else). I've got excellent connectivity from the (Linksys) WPC54G notebook adapter to the WRK54G router, but despite talking to Linksys and BT help lines, I can get no internet connection via the ethernet link from the Voyager to the Router (Both BT and Linksys say it should just work!). From the 'status' page of the router software on the laptop I can release and renew an IP address from the gateway, so presumably the router can 'see' the Voyager(?), but that's as good as it gets. No functional internet connection. (Toshiba Satellite, Windows ME)
    Any suggestions folks?
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2004
  19. JimS

    JimS Techie7 New Member

    Got another even weirder one too since trying to go wireless! Since I installed the linksys wirless network card, none of my three 'dial-up' connections work. My Vodaphone GPRS connection, for example, appears to connect to the gateway, but none of my internet programmes can get anywhere, even if specifically asked to use that connection from 'internet options'. Linksys say 'it has nothing to do with us'.
    Again, I would love any suggestions.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2004
  20. JimmyC

    JimmyC Techie7 New Member


    I am having similar problems, I have just purchaseda JAHT wireless modem and router. I want to connect to the internet through my BT broadband account. I see the answer to my first question about usernames and passwords has already been answered. But i still cannot seem to get it to connect. I can enter the routers ip address and bring up the "conexant" page and alter the settings, but I cannot find a configuration that works. Do i want to be doing PPoE? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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