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Dual Sound Output!!!

Discussion in 'Windows XP Help' started by MCWILSY, Aug 20, 2007.


    MCWILSY Techie7 New Member

    hey people, just purchased my new laptop, and being a DJ i've just realized i need to use Dual Output sound (one for headphones, listening to tracks before they are played and all) and one for the main output to be sent to my amplifier and played to the audience, now as i only have a laptop, this is a pain,

    any idea how to accomplish, my on board sound does not support dual output, as it only has line/mic in and line out, and they don't seem to be switchable,

    i have considered the Idea of an external Sound Card, if this is a good idea and ideas of what one to get for a dual output as i mentioned earlier?

    Kent Discos:smartass:
  2. madmikejt12

    madmikejt12 Dedicated Member

    do you want 2 channels the same??

    or headphones for one channel (not played through the speakers) for mixing/beat-matching?

    for the first option, you can get a 3.5mm audio splitter for a few £

    2nd option, I think you may need an external sound card...

    There is another option, get a mixer and 1 cd deck

    That way, you can have your laptop and CD deck (or a standard cd or mp3 player) plugged into different channels on the mixer and your headphones plugged into the mixer.

    I hope this has cleared up your problem,

    Mike :)

    P.S: the external soundcard-usually USB, this slows down your laptop... wether is is noticable or not depends on the specifications of your laptop and how many processes/programs you have running

    MCWILSY Techie7 New Member

    thanks mad mike,

    i already have my gear going, dual CD players and a HUGE mixer for djing lol... ermm 26 channels i think =D, i think im guna go for the external but it should be ok my new laptop is 1.86Ghz 2Gb Ram .... with only a few processes running, i already am running a PC at my disco, and it flys!! i run dual soundcards of of it win XP Pro SP2 and my program (mix meister 6).... and the PC is only 256Mb RAM and 933Mhz =) lol