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Animals in costumes

Discussion in 'Chat Room' started by Jaynee, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. Jaynee

    Jaynee Techie7 New Member

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  2. c-price

    c-price Dedicated Member

    I like your avatar, big body, small legs, who would want to put animals in costumes???
  3. k_9

    k_9 Dedicated Member

    Aaaww... How cute. The lion, the witch and the wardrobe is definately the best. I did try to reply before now but this kept coming up.... :devil:

    Anyway... the problem is over now and i can reply to messages. I figured the problem was that i had been logged out by the computer (again) :) :(
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  4. c-price

    c-price Dedicated Member

    anyway... Where was I, oh yes, i think that it is mean putting little animals in costumes when they have done nufing wrong, how mean can some owners get?
  5. DevilsAdvocate

    DevilsAdvocate Techie7 New Member

    Surely it's mean to have 'pets', regardless of whether they are clothed or nekked! :(
  6. k_9

    k_9 Dedicated Member

    Whatever... you're just jealous that you're prejudice against animals! :devil:

    Do you have no heart? :(

    (My doggy- patch)
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  7. DevilsAdvocate

    DevilsAdvocate Techie7 New Member

    WTF you talkin' about?
  8. brain_damage

    brain_damage D-A-L Team Member (UK)

    Can we please keep this civil?
  9. DevilsAdvocate

    DevilsAdvocate Techie7 New Member

    Sorry, this constant need to sign in is enough to put even Mother Theresa on edge! :(

    OK. Let me rephrase it then; why would I be jealous of myself for being prejudiced against animals? (Which I'm not BTW, and I do have a heart, it pumps blood around my body ;)).

    You said it's mean to dress pets, I expanded on your theory and suggested it's also mean to 'own' pets.

    However, 'whatever' isn't really a valid response... A coherant debate on the value of pets would have been more welcome. :smartass:
  10. k_9

    k_9 Dedicated Member

    Keep it civil. I'm not getting into an argument with you again and i'm sorry if i offended you :) What does coherant mean? :confused:
    If i'm allowed to express my opinion, i'd just like to know why you criticise people who own pets? What have you got against them? :)
  11. DevilsAdvocate

    DevilsAdvocate Techie7 New Member

    Of course you're entitled to 'express an opinion', but what you cannot do is make assertions as to my stance on pets when you don't even know me (or what pets do or do not have).

    You express an opinion that dressing pets was mean, I suggested is was also mean to own pets (as opposed to animals being free). Apart from a childish 'whatever', from that you wrongly concluded I had something against pets and accused me of being jealous (of myself, bizarrely). That's not an opinion, that's an accusation.

    I was not criticising pet owners, I was posing a moral question...

    BTW: As for 'coherent', Look it up (although I confess to mispelling it originally). :smartass:
  12. k_9

    k_9 Dedicated Member

    Would a "fair play" answer be ok then :smartass:

    You do have a point... :)

    Also can you please not use so much confusion (opposed to me) when you write. You know i'm younger than you, so therefore you have are smarter and have more knowledge than me... (Damn that makes me sound dumb) :devil:

    Alas, when you say
    I presume you mean pets "you" do or do or may not have. You make it sound like you "do" have pets now whence before you apparantly didn't... Make up your mind :devil:
  13. DevilsAdvocate

    DevilsAdvocate Techie7 New Member

    OK. I apologies. I forgot about your age - although you shouldn't put yourself down in any way because of it. Age isn't a defining intelligence factor (I know kids much smarter than me and adults as dumb as a bag of frogs). :clown:

    As for pets, and to clarify, I've had several pets over the years. At the moment we have a cat - I would have a dog but now's not the time. Cats pretty much look after & entertain themselves, dogs need a lot more of your time, something we don't have at the moment.
  14. k_9

    k_9 Dedicated Member

    I don't think i've met those people yet :D You also seem to know a LOT about war time and your History knowledge is so brushed up! How that defines people to be smart or not so... a mystery to me... :boat:

    I hate to contredict you, but cats ruin furniture :devil: They scratch and bite and claw at feet for fun. Whether that it their idea of fun... or they just like seeing humans in pain.

    Nevertheless, we took in a stray cat in our area around halloween time. His owner (teenager obviously) had tied a firework to its tail and it blew. The cat didn't trust people for nearly a month after that and was starving due to it :(

    So we fed it... and gave it food, toys, bed, housing and most importantly a name :) Such a thankful little cat that it would let you do anything (but only those who had "adopted" it) Unfortunately the little darling had no road sence and was run over recently. Our dog found him on his nightly walk :(

    Anyway... I will stop rambling on now but i wish you hope with the future! :boat: :)
  15. rockinteenbabe

    rockinteenbabe Dedicated Member

    cats arnt that bad rach

    that is a really sad story
  16. c-price

    c-price Dedicated Member

    Rachel: i did not no that you had put a picture of Patch on here and i also did not no that the cat had had a firework attatched to it... Was that the cat called Tabby that we took in and then got ran over?