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Floppy lights up/clicks unexpectedly

Discussion in 'Windows XP Help' started by barebear, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. barebear

    barebear Established Techie7 Member

    I'm running Xp SP2 fully updated on a system w/ no malware issues of any sort (anti-virus, antispyware (including rootkit protections) is in place and fully updated).

    The sytem configuration has been in place for at least 2 years and is configured is as follows:

    Primary IDE master = C:

    Primary IDE slave = E: ( Plextor 708A DVD-RW )

    Secondary IDE master = F: ( TDK 48x CD-RW )

    Secondary IDE slave = D: ( an 80GB 7200 rpm 8MB cache Western Digital, exactly identical to C: )

    I don't use " My Documents" on C: so as to preclude losing everything if the drive should die. I accordingly created "My Documents" on D: and every night that folder is backed up to an external USB HD identical to C: and D:

    My issue:

    In the last week or so I am noticing that sometimes ( but not always) when I access D: either through "My Computer" or a shortcut to D:\ (file/folder) that is on my desktop, I hear a click and the light on my floppy drive comes on. When it occurs,this event repeats once or twice and then stops until I again access something on the drive.
    This event also, but not always, occurs when I am not knowingly accessing D: at all---such as while I'm writing this in Notepad to be able to copy/paste into the message box of the forum I'm contacting.

    There doesn't appear to be any negative impact on the functioning of the system in terms of any performance issue, but it is an irritation that I want to correct.

    I have so far tried all of the following:

    I do not have any *.lnk references to A: that are not "Send To" or similar "shortcuts".

    I have, without success, so far gone to Start>Properties>Customize>Advanced>Recent Documents>Clear List. and re " may be a reappearance of the NTFS bug on showing color. Explorer, Tools, Folder Options, View uncheck
    "Show encrypted or compressed NTFS folders in color", have also done that

    I also have done Right click the My Computer icon/Manage. Services and Applications/Services/Shell Hardware Detection and set it to Automatic. ----it was already "Automatic" when I checked the setting.

    I then tried Start/Run/gpedit.msc/User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Explorer. In the right pane double click Hide these specific drives from my computer. Enable then use the drop box.
    This worked but is not a viable solution because I use floppies for small data files that I'd otherwise be wasting a CD on; there also are occasions when I need to see what is on a particular floppy.

    Since there are occasions when I want to boot from a floppy (testing rescue disks, etc), I don't want to change the boot order in the bios or disable "floppy drive seek at boot".

    The floppy works just fine--I can read, write, and format with no problem.

    Summary: Given all of the preceding, please advise possible causes and cures for the floppy light coming on
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