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is my driver corrupt?

Discussion in 'Drivers' started by waty983, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. waty983

    waty983 Techie7 New Member

    hi, i would just like to know if anyone out there can giv me a link to a site or a a program download that can tell me if one of my drivers is wrong, i have been experiencing sudden freezes of my desktop and ethernet (broadband) i think that i have narrowed it down to a recently installed usb card and driver maybe conflicting with my original usb card and driver. thanks in advance for any help
  2. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

  3. waty983

    waty983 Techie7 New Member

    thanks man, ur just all over this site arnt u. i will try that when i get home. if not im taking that bloody usb card out and redoing it, is it possible the hardware isnt compatable with my computer? it seems like a fairly common card not something real complicated like umm i dunno a new cpu or motherboard
  4. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    Just a quick thought is that the card might be USB2 and your motherboard USB1.

    Although most USB2 components are backward compatible it is possible that this card is not.
  5. waty983

    waty983 Techie7 New Member

    the card is usb 2 but so would my other one in that my computer is only 2years old at most and i run my mp3 and webcam through the old slot no prob, is there a way i can tell if my motherboard is 2.0 without getting inside? as im not 2 keen on doing this because its not my computer
  6. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    If the computer is only 2 years old it is probably USB 2.

    What is the make and model?

    The manufacturer's web site would be the best source for this spec.

    Plus: just thinking out loud: you can always try an external USB hub.
  7. waty983

    waty983 Techie7 New Member

    Hyundai 2600S umm is that the make and model? im not sure where to find it but thats whats on the receipt lol.
    i was going to go for and external hub but just decided against it, also i live 2hours away from the nearest electronics store so things like that dont come to me easy
  8. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    Hyundai 2600S

    Is that your car? :devil2: ...just kidding. Putting that into Google just brings up car adds but I didn't dig too deep.

    My only other "thinking out loud" point about the external USB is the Power Source.

    An external hub will have its' own AC adapter. Just makes me wonder if the internal card has enough power. :turned:
  9. waty983

    waty983 Techie7 New Member

    its definatly a hyundai but its hyundai digital, hmm just noticed that lol. yeah im having trouble locating its existance aswell. umm short of me trying to a fing a multimeter how can i test to see if the card is getting enough power? i guess theres no way to tell aye
  10. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

  11. waty983

    waty983 Techie7 New Member

    MS-6350 (VT8363) thats a bit better also the CPU is an AMD Athlon XP codename PALOMINO if thats any help. wow that thing really is accurate lol
  12. waty983

    waty983 Techie7 New Member

    oh yeah the manufacturer is Micro-star international
  13. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    MSI MS-6350


    MSI claims it does not exist but another search shows it as a very old motherboard > PIII


    Also I see the AMD PALOMINO as circa 2001/2002. Perhaps they have continued the line. I am just posting off of quick searches here looking for a spark.

    Your chipset on the other hand is quite clear: VT8363

    Although VIA does not recognize it the basic chipset driver for VIA chipsets are here:


    That's the latest from here. Sorry for the lack of definitiveness.
  14. waty983

    waty983 Techie7 New Member

    my turn to have a half brainy thought lol, i took the card out and will see how she runs tonight, the book says that my comp must support ibm would this be a factor? how would i find out if my computer supports this? its probably down to the mainboard again isnt it?
  15. waty983

    waty983 Techie7 New Member

    well i took the card out and suddenly all seems to be running well, is the hole in the back a problem? i dont have anything to replace it with cos my bro broke the original piece that was there
  16. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    It shouldn't be a problem. Might help the circulation actually. Unless you have flying creatures that might be drawn to the heat! :sweatdrop

    O my! :1eye:

    Just kidding ... sort of.

    My case has a clear side and one night I saw a moth flying around my CPU! :angel:

    I've got an old USB hub in my drawer. Wish I could teleport it to you. :scooter:
  17. waty983

    waty983 Techie7 New Member

    so theres noway id be able to get this one to work on my computer?
  18. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    My searches for your motherboard showed a board circa 2001 or 2002.

    I would guess this card is not compatible with this board.

    What is the make and model of the card?

    If the computer works fine without it but not fine with it then the best you could chance would be a BIOS Setting to adjust it.

    If I get the time I will try to search your motherboard in more detail.
  19. waty983

    waty983 Techie7 New Member

    its a dick smith electrical USB 2.0 4-port PCI card. XH6738
  20. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    Is this the card:


    I cannot access any specs without registering at that site. Are you registered? Can you post back any detailed specs?