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rebuilding my PC

Discussion in 'How to: Building a PC, Modding, Overclocking' started by chocolatier, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. chocolatier

    chocolatier Techie7 New Member

    Hi Everyone: I am new and thrilled to have found this forum.

    I have a Dell with Windows xp. Have had it for about 2 years. Need to rebuild. However, I have some stuff on my machine which is very important including my Quicbooks which is used for my chocolate business. Also UPS online which also has my entire UPS shipping list, my AOL with all my info on there...my favorites etc..
    Microsoft Word documents. Dell Picture Studio pictures and the rest.
    I have a 256mg Scandisk.
    I also have all my Dell software that came with the computer when I got it.
    So, how do I go about it? In a few easy steps. I don't need a lot of jargon, that's why I am here. Hope someone can help.

    Linda G.

  2. d-a-l

    d-a-l Techie7 Administrator Staff Member Techie7 Chief