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I did it!!! Didnt even need an MCSE!

Discussion in 'Chat Room' started by AphJN, May 26, 2005.

  1. AphJN

    AphJN Dedicated Member

    I just migrated my WAN from a Linux controlled setup to a Win2k AS setup! I tried FC3 and it wasnt up to the taks that RHEL was. Just out of a lark we decided to move to an old copy of WIn2kAS. No one else knew anything about the thing so I offered to setup the system (still sitting in my basement!)

    DJ, I almost asked you an Active directory question but I figured it out on my own...I have to admit its easier (Herasy!) to setup than the RHEL was. FC3 and Mandriva were easier for the Desktop, but as a server I had a few phone calls the Red Hat support for the initial setup.

    We may switch back to RHEL after the next week...The bandwidth has dropped from about 512mbps to 300mbps with the switch. That is the one benifit I think we will have to have back.

    I am so excited...Took me just 3 days to figure this out on my own. (actual hours was just 3, but kids, wife, and a different life above the basement takes its toll!)
  2. chou

    chou Dedicated Member

    well played m8!
  3. DJDK

    DJDK Techie7 New Member

    nice one. and other stats?
  4. AphJN

    AphJN Dedicated Member

    Well, this is a P4 2.66 with 2gig ram, 40gig HDD, no raid. 256meg Graphics card (only spare one I had) 1gig Enet card. Windows 2k AS

    Bandwidth usage (Pipe is 660mbps wide) :
    Overhead monitered : Server uses 128mbps for administration
    Server uses 50mbps for Acks
    Available pipe: 482mbps
    Used by WAN: 432mbps

    Prior Server setup: Pentium 4 1.3 with 512 4gig Hdd no raid. 32meg video card (just fried!) 1gig Enet. Red hat Enterprise (RHEL)

    Bandwidth usage (Pipe is 660mbps wide) :
    Overhead monitered : Server uses 8mbps for administration
    Server uses 1mbps for Acks
    Available pipe: 551mbps
    Used by WAN: 530mbps

    All mbps are mega BITS persecond not bytes
    All pipe widths are peak
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    CLEVER_LOGIN_NAME Techie7 New Member

  6. DJDK

    DJDK Techie7 New Member

    all i say is nice
  7. AphJN

    AphJN Dedicated Member

    Thank you. I dont know if yall know what this is really about, but I am the administrator of a large wan in my neighborhood. Here is the setup:

  8. AphJN

    AphJN Dedicated Member

    I switched to AS to see if it would handle the load better. Apprently not. I will probablly shift back over to the RHEL system this weekend.
  9. DJDK

    DJDK Techie7 New Member

    see what the others think, see if its become any faster for the end user.