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The longest thread - Random discussion

Discussion in 'Chat Room' started by clairelovestlc, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    Lisa asks Homer:

    "Dad, do you know what Schadenfreude is?"

    to which Homer replies in a sarcastic tone:

    "No, I do not know what Schadenfreude is. Please tell me because I'm dying to know."

    Lisa then explains: "It's a German word for shameful joy, taking pleasure in the suffering of others."

    Homer responds with: "Oh, come on, Lisa. I'm just glad to see him fall flat on his butt! He's usually all happy and comfortable, and surrounded by loved ones, and it makes me feel...what's the opposite of that shameful joy thing of yours?"

    "Sour grapes."

    "Boy, those Germans have a word for everything."
  2. AphJN

    AphJN Dedicated Member

    Hey all, Just checking in to see whats news. Debating if I want to Upgrade my "new" computer to be Vista capable or just upgrade it because its sooooo weak compared to what I wanted.
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  3. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    Good to see you AphJN! :clap:

    So what's in the "new" computer?
  4. madmikejt12

    madmikejt12 Dedicated Member

    heyyy :) nice to see you back... not that ive been on much recently :(
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  5. Dan Penny

    Dan Penny Staff Techie7 Moderator

    Hi folks. I've dropped in on this thread from time to time (email notification of updates), and see that it's an "everything" thread. I'm not generally one for "chat" rooms(?)/threads, but I thought I'd drop in and say "Hi!", and fill everyone in on my absence.

    I was away for a month on family/family_financial matters which had to be addressed and resolved. I just didn't have the timeframe/mindspace/abilities to post anything before now. Suffice to say I'm around again, and glad to be back. I'm slowly catching up in the 98 forum, and I hope I haven't detracted from the site by my absence. (People waiting for a while for answers.) I guess I'm the only dinosaur around here who is of the "old school" of the old O/S's. ;>}

    I've acquired another machine (old dinosaur clone type 266 MHZ ATX), which brings me up to seven working machines. Someday I hope to own a good machine like jephree's "El Diablo". ;>) My best right now is an (old again) HP Vectra VL400 MT 866 Mhz. I picked it up last summer, refurbed by HP, loaded with W2K Pro, for $200.00 Cdn in a shop. This is my main machine. I've of course torn it down as soon as I got it home and rebuilt it with my components and XP Home. The only original hardware left in it is the enclosure, motherboard, and power supply.

    Well, I guess that's all. As I said, I'm not much for chat stuff, or writing letters for that matter. I haven't written to my sister in four years(?). I guess I should give her my current address, and I guess that should be in a letter. ;>}

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  6. brain_damage

    brain_damage D-A-L Team Member (UK)

    great to see you back Andy, hope all's well with you
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  7. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    Good to see you Dan!

    Was wondering about you. :1eye:
  8. paulthomasno6

    paulthomasno6 Techie7 New Member

    With all these old-timers turning up we must be about due for a visit from Claire.
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  9. Dan Penny

    Dan Penny Staff Techie7 Moderator

    Thanks jephree. Good to be back. As I stated, it was unavoidable, stressful and quite sudden. (Nothing dire like deaths or anything, just family estate matters which had to be resolved, and demanded undivided attention/time.) I PM'd D-A-L as soon as possible ('cause he's the Boss), :sweatdrop but just couldn't afford the time and energies to go towards the forums.

    I noticed that I somehow picked up one more of those little green box thingies while I was gone, but I still haven't caught up to you. You're still one ahead. ;>) I see you've just broke 15,000 posts!
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  10. jephree

    jephree ¨*·.¸ «.·°·..·°·.» ¸.·*¨

    I stomp 'em & break 'em Dan! :taz: :hammer:

    :whistling :innocent:

    Hope you are still fingering out those good vibes! :21:
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  11. Dan Penny

    Dan Penny Staff Techie7 Moderator

    Heh. Thanks for the morning chuckle.

    Re: the tunes, yeah, just getting my brain (and fingers) back into it. I've only been teaching and playing cover material (Floyd, Beatles, McCartney, The Who, Bon Jovi, (many more) etc) for the last four or five years with Kelly (the "student"). But with the addition now of the newest "member" (Kevin) of a twice weekly jam/practice session, the writing is coming out of the woodwork.

    We're starting to devote the majority of our session time (3-4 hrs) to original material. We'll spend the first thirty minutes warming up doing cover tunes , then devote the rest to working out individual ideas and expanding on them with other members thoughts/ideas. This has been good for Kelly as he's now competent enough to start to come out with ideas.

    I like the way it's turning out. I haven't written for quite a while, but Kevin is quite apt on an axe (guitar) and he likes some of the original material I'm resurrecting from the past. Things I started twenty+ years ago and never finished. The ideas for extending the music are flowing. The big plus is that Kelly is getting better. He's still a "rhythm" player, but it's getting better. (Kevin and I playing makes him keep up.) The music theory I've taught him is coming out. He's surprising himself. The things I've burned into his brain are now making sense to him. He'll pick the next chord automatically. "Let's see, we're in the key of A, so a relative minor, or a third, or a fifth will work here". He makes me proud. ;>)

    I've been in touch with Barry (the bass player/keyboardist who is on the material I uploaded for you and a few others here) and I'm soon going to offer him a stint in a few sessions. He'll be a fine addition.

    OK, I'm rambling here so I'll stop.
  12. AphJN

    AphJN Dedicated Member

    Glad to see you again Dan. I fear that my usefulness is limited until I can get back to a broadband connection. I tried getting the sat. net re-established that we had back in 03 and 04 but the backers are leaving to go back to NZ so that is out of the question. We are looking to move into our own house this summer so I am hoping that will actually come to fruition.

    I still have a couple of machines running Dos and 98. The last of my Dos machines is actually running very strong. My Last 98 box is also strong. Both are off of my internal network as diagnostic boxes. I built a few ISA and PCI diag cards to link into an XP or W2k machine to see what was happening without actually interfering with the OS. the Dos box, strangely, does this better than the windows box. My Dos box is an old Zeos Pentium 60. My last 98 box is a Dell Latitude XP 4100 (486 DX3 100)

    I blew up my Linux boxes by attempting to program my own driver for the diag board, guess I am not a good enough programmer for that! They were updated to Ubuntu Linux and Suse. Now I have my "New" computer, my Server which is a W2k EE test box and my old "Frankie" that has gone to Hades and back for me. Hard to believe that Breetai has gone from a Dos 5 box to a Dos 6.22/Win3-3.11WFW to a Win95 to a Win98 and now an XP PRo. I will NOT take her to Vista yet. But the new computer, maybe.
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  13. DJDK

    DJDK Techie7 New Member

    i see this thread is still going strong then.
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  14. paulthomasno6

    paulthomasno6 Techie7 New Member

    Who's in charge tonight? I didn't see any moderators listed on the home page. Hmm... where does D-A-L hide the liquor around here?:D

    I went to see HOLLYWOODLAND a couple of weeks ago. Anyone else here grow up watching the old Superman series? I remember my mother telling me that George Reeves committed suicide by jumping out of a window; someone I know from another forum heard the same story at school, so perhaps there was a big conspiracy among grown-ups at the time! It was quite a well-done film in the way it explored the circumstances of how George Reeves died (shot in the head, by the way). I liked Adrien Brody as the private detective who tries to solve the mystery, but in the end, you're left to decide for yourself.

    300 opens next week in Perth, just in time for Easter.
  15. Kaistar

    Kaistar Dedicated Member

    watching 300 now. soooo cooolll....
  16. madmikejt12

    madmikejt12 Dedicated Member

    I heard 300 was really good, havnt seen it personally. Will have to go and watch it sometime.
  17. paulthomasno6

    paulthomasno6 Techie7 New Member

    And I just noticed that this thread was two years old on the tenth of March. Sorry it's late, but...

  18. Kaistar

    Kaistar Dedicated Member

    yeah it seriously rocks. really cool. definitely worth watching it on IMAX or something.
  19. paulthomasno6

    paulthomasno6 Techie7 New Member

    I think it's coming to the Piccadilly which is one of Perth's very few 1930s-vintage cinemas. Huge screen!
  20. Kaistar

    Kaistar Dedicated Member

    haha that's cool. sadly for me the experience of watching on the big screen was slightly bad. annoying lady opening up who knows what packets, this guy kicking my seat and another uncle talking business on the phone.

    hell-o? cinema? silence? sheeshhh...

    luckily i got the DVD to re-watch it lol~