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Jan 9, 2010
Jun 14, 2004
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Jack of all Trades


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Jan 9, 2010
    1. rokytnji
      Scootin on the water, I sure miss it. Had a best friend in California in the 1980's with a Olympic Class Tornado Catamaran, think it was 25 footer or so. Used to be the guy that would strap into the trapeze harness and counterbalance the hull when we would scoot with one hull in the air. Sounds like fun, Hope this busy Sept misses your place. Enjoy.
    2. rokytnji
      How you holdin up through Fay dude. You OK?
    3. Bear
      Howdy Amigo :-)
    4. k_9
      Oooh, why thank you for the shubbery, i shall treasure it forever lol. I've been trying to find a use for your rad pic, i think it'd look good as a screensaver on my new phone that i got for my birthday last week, i'll get round to doing it eventually but it'll probably be too big anyway :stuart:
    5. rokytnji
      Thanks for the link'
    6. rokytnji
      Hope ya don't mind but I used your rad pic for my new wallpaper.
    7. rokytnji
      I ' m WIDE awake playn with the new toy dude.
    8. rokytnji
      Got the Amrel rt686 EX today. Slapped the hardrive in from the broke Amrel in 60 sec. and used its pwr adapter. Hooked up a Belkin G PCMCIA and Loaded dvr and sending you this update on it. Its alot faster than the old one. I LIKE IT!
    9. jephree
    10. Julia
    11. jephree
      Please post questions on the forum and we will try to help.
    12. panwooikee
      i gt an proberm in my maple...my maple mode is 800x600 85Hz..but i wan change it to 1078x768 60Hz..but how to change....if no change..me cant see the maple screen...help...
    13. rokytnji
      Well if you noticed my xuggestion was like a caveman trying to explain rocket science to someone in the 20th century. Man my spelling sux because I'm typing in a wheelchair the dark on the Wifes IBM T-21 and the keys are to small for my big fingers.
    14. rokytnji
      I was typing that long reply and didn't know ya answered Souix.I fwlt sorry for the guy when he saud any ideas so I figured I throw my feeble idea out there. I'm gonna gracefully withdraw because I]m outa my element when it comes to wireless as we just started using it recently and I still haven't even got linux to work with it yet.
    15. rokytnji
      Hey when I get back on my feet again I was thinking of doing a pictorial tutorial on taking apart the broke Amrel and showing and listing components. Kind of like a Bike build tutorial . Ther is nothing on the internet except for what you and I have posted and I don't knpw if you've noticed but antbody with a question on Amrel comes to this Forum. DAL is the only site on the internet that has got into detail on Amrel Laptops. Whadya Think?
    16. rokytnji
      Hey Dude, The Amrel LCD too k dump today. Was cruzen the internet when the screen went black with lines through it. Did a hard shut down and restarted and it flashed the boot bios for 1 sec. before smae symptoms. Went cruzen on the internet for parts when it hit me. I can buy another Amrel cheaper than a motherboard or a pro tech fix. Long story short found a Amrel Rocky rt 686 EX with 1 gig cpu and 256 MB ram that I think I can upgrade to 1 gig as the EX model runs a newer MOboard. Cost me 79.00 for laptop and 20 bucks to ship. Comes with CDRW,Harddrive caddy and posts into bios. No power supply but I'll use mine. I use the broken one to experiment with as faar as to fixn it.
    17. Kaistar
      Woa momma mia your page is really the hot spot man lol! How'd you change all these thing anyway? So COOL!
    18. k_9
      Very busy page here Jeph- can't wait for it to reach the amount of visits as your posts :D
    19. rockinteenbabe
      love the pics jeph :D
    20. rokytnji
      Went through rules and read up. Found where I screwed up without thinking. Posted reply as apology. Believe it or not that was one of the tastiest burritos I ever ate by the way.
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