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Apr 16, 2005
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July 28
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    1. Kaistar
      Hey towns, are you on Facebook?
    2. k_9
      Hey again, I've been sleeping for days. Disney Land was fun and nno I didn't mind going alone. Purely because when I had been to the other parks such as SeaWorld and Universal the queues were so long, therefore I spent more time waiting than riding.

      Single rider queues... 5 minutes.

      In the end I didn't get to go to Wet 'n' Wild water park because I ran out of time. I was glad to be with my family and I was happy that I was even allowed to go to Disney because that morning I'd already been to SeaWorld. I remember when I first did 2 parks in one day with my brother in law. Haha, I believe I'd wore him out and he wasn't happy to go all over again... even if it was to different parks.

      I'm lucky to have such a thoughtful family :)
    3. k_9
      Disney is only 10 miles past my sister's work place so she said she'd drop me off any work day and pick up again in the evening. We get discounts for being Florida residents and then more military discounts remember. It works out decently in the end for the day. I wanted to go for the experience, not for the fact that it's there and eyeryone else goes there.

      So far, the Florida weather has been playing around so I've had to put everything on hold until Saturday when the storms hold up. Since Willie will be home soon we have figured out something to do each day after Saturday until I fly ouit on Tuesday.

      Disney will be Monday, therefore the finalising :)
    4. k_9
      Oh gosh tell me about it. I tried telling them that they didn't need the cars but you see American raised teens want the best. My nephew tells me that he used to race his car when he was a "naughty" boy and now he has "learnt" Hmm... It doesn't take a genius to work out that one. I remember just being in shock at the enormousity of my sister's house, being the village-typed girl that I am.

      But thanks anyway, I'm sure I'll have lots of stories by the time I get back. I'm just looking for Disney prices amongst all the discounts. Well talk to you soon. I'm going to go play Halo on the Xbox for the next few hours with my nocturnal nephew lol.
    5. k_9
      Wonderful thank you. I have been rather busy so I haven't been around for a few days. I'm looking forwards to this week where I get to go to all my theme parks. However, babysitting- or rather 9yr old sitting has been annoying me whilst my sister is at work... because this typica American girl is never bloody happy with what she has. I am looking forwards to Willie coming home for his holiday time off work training the Army soldiers on Friday... so that he can look after her whilst I go out with my nephew Jordan (19, yes he's older than me). Woo, then I can have more fun and have fun rollercoaster riding... This has been my favourite so far at Island of Adventure Orlando (next to Universal) It's called the HULK ride.There was no chug chug as it risen... instead it flew you over those drops and down towards the lake. It went throuugh a tunnel IN the lake. Wow :D

    6. k_9
      Hey nice new profile pic. I think It's new anyway lol.
      Shouldn't you be asleep or do you have the next few days off work for 4th July like others?
    7. k_9
    8. k_9
      Haha, if people disintergrate so quickly I'd hate to see it
      So what do you like?
    9. k_9
      Cats? Haha I don't like the way they hover around your legs and then attack you if you walk past them. I just think they're very amusing to watch but they can be so clumsy. I prefer dogs as loyal companions and they're just so much more affectionate.
      But as for cats I want to work with tigers and lions when I'm older so in that sense, yes I guess I do.
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