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Jan 17, 2011
Jan 9, 2008
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Jan 17, 2011
    1. k_9
      What's wrong with hamsters?
    2. k_9
      ... because i live close to Cadburys
    3. k_9
      How was Dr Who? I missed it last week, i was at the Cadbury's festival :D
    4. k_9
      Cool, i have light brown :)
    5. k_9
      I don't get it rockinteenbabe?

      When you have 5 mins or so, listen to this. It is off kerrang at it starts to warm up around 30 mins. Just fast forwards it to 35 mins. :) It was on Thursdays show.

    6. rockinteenbabe
      and the fit you just had rach ha
    7. k_9
      Aww, leave him alone :D Don't matter what colour his hair is :D
    8. rockinteenbabe
    9. rockinteenbabe
    10. rockinteenbabe
      and what is wrong with blondes????
    11. k_9
      Paranoid? :D You make me laugh
    12. k_9
      I just wonder why you keep calling me blonde. Because i'm not, and i'm not ginger either :ban:

    13. k_9
      Wrong again, not blonde. I'm glad you have a cold, because you deserve it for insulting me. I got mine from the rainy weather and that stray dog. But should be better soon :)
    14. k_9
      You have no right to insult me as a blonde. I spend half my day outdoors, the internet is just when i'm not doing anything imparticular.
      I spent 3 hours yesterday trudging through a thunderstorm with a stray dog whom i was trying to find the owner of! So don't you dare call me lazy. ;)
    15. k_9
      Just so you know, i'm not a blonde who hates doing stuff outdoors. I'm quite opposite :devil:
    16. k_9
      I'm not random ;) I just siad that rabbits aren't that easy to fix back together when they've been cooked. There was a girl who came camping with us, after we'd um... de-furred the rabbit, we gave her an ear. It scared the sh!t out of her!

      And custard factory? Now that's random!
    17. k_9
      Birmingham. I try to aviod the city centre though, too much chaos! + i don't want lung cancer Ha, just thought of those people with stupid brummy accents... LOL! (I don't have the accent cos i laugh at those who do have it too much) :smartass:

      Rabbits are cool, when i went camping this one time with my scouts (no, it's not just for boys) we had to set up rabbit traps after we'd done our tents... we caught a few when we checked them in the morning... they were delicious :chef:
    18. k_9
      Yeah, we've been doing 2 science modules every term. I also did my Citizenship exam in March, but i have to wait until September for the results. Apparantly the results will be late this year though... it was on the news.

      The cake was a sponge one, but it was also a fruit cake, because i'm good at making them. Although, we had no icing so i had to use some choc mixture thing

      We put a sparkler on top because our family celebrates American Independence day since we have American relations, and since the birthday falls on the same date... well, we just put them both together

      Animals- because i love em so much. Vet? No chance... zoologist! More fun and i get to travel the world to look after more endangered species... way more fun than fixing a rabbit back together.
    19. k_9
      Ah, i see, so you've had a term of exams and nothing to look forwards to :( I'm sorry for you. Anyway, i probably won't be here for a while because i'll be very busy looking after the lil animals, must go and taste the cake i made. It looks yummy :chef:
    20. k_9
      I'm doing mine at Blue Cross Animal Adoption centre. Pretty self explanitary :D You've confused me now, when did you do yours?because ours is only just about to start and it will finish the day before we break up for hols.
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