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Jan 17, 2011
Jan 9, 2008
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Jan 17, 2011
    1. k_9
      Hahaha... Not Funny! My teacher says that i WILL get an A* in my coursework so that's the D gone for first. Aww, you play the guitar, electric? I suck at music i guess you could say, can just about play twinkle twinkle on the keyboard lol!
    2. k_9
      Nah, but his name's micheal Jackson :D We all read his name tag when he came for a "taster teacher day" so it was quite amusing seeing him for the first day. Can't really tell what he's like... he's always behind the hair jell :D
      nah, we didn't take any final exams in yr 10, we had 2 weeks of pointless exams which told us how much we needed to imrove for yr 11, but most of them were okay...

      Ahem, i mean, MOST of them. I was predicted an A* for my Geog, whoops... got a D :s
    3. k_9
      Yeah! All A's and B's predicted for me! In my RE exam i got an A* so i find it pretty unlikely that the predicted A is going to stay the same. I took French exam 2 years early in yr9 and got a C then (dont know how i managed that one) but i've taken it again so i'm hoping B/A :D At the mo we have a crap teacher who is always off "sick" she hate's us all really but we have this wicked teacher called "Mr Jackson" Guess his first name lol!
    4. k_9
      Ah i see, so it all adds up in the end, we'll have about 12 by the end too :D

      Statistics? Our school only lets people take their statistics exam if they're in the top set Maths (1) . me being in set2 is a bit annoying cos that cud have been an extra GCSE. :mad: Anyways, have you taken any exams early?
    5. k_9
      Hm, pretty hard for me to find a job which you can use all of those? Did your school only let you choose those 3 to do further studies in? As well as Eng, Math and science, that's only 6 GCSEs. You need 5 just to get into college, our school make sure we take over 10 including maths eng and sci, but science is a double award for us cos we all did really bad last year so the whole year is retaking :D

      Any other subjects tou chose?
    6. k_9
      Sounds good, what job do you want when you're older then? Might give you a pretty steady start to what to choose. If not, just go for the subjects you like learning, that'll get you on track. My brother left school 2 years ago and has been a dosser ever since, as for me... my education matters. My degree... my future...

      what subjects have you chose at school?
    7. k_9
      Ah yes, i remember you telling me about it when it was first being built- is it as good as you expected or a pile or rubble?

      As for school... Getting stressed! :o College's are so hard to decided between. Have you found one that you like, you should have been told to start looking around for them by now. I'm sending in my applications tomorrow, i just have to find the right A levels. What about u, the same or have you had more help finding them than we have?
    8. k_9
      Hey mate, where u been lately? Haven't seen you around in the longest.
    9. Dan Penny
      Dan Penny
      1964 Gibson J-45 acoustic
      1991 Gibson Les Paul - Studio model
      1991 Caldwell - Custom made 6 string electric, body/neck style modeled after a Tele, custom electronics, 9 voices

      Axes no longer = Sold
      28 year old Martin D-28 (Didn't want to, but financial problems)
      24 year old Matin D-18
      1980 Fender Custom Elite (Similar to a Tele) - gave to my son
    10. k_9
      Vista, it's not as bad as some people make it out to be so it's the upgraded version of messenger.
      I normally log in when im bored or have nothing to do... so i can just talk to ppl and then they get annoyed when i say i have to go in 30 mins :D But that's not always the case.
    11. k_9
      Ah Shut up, your problem is that you're too sarcastic... it works well ^^ BTW We only met up cos we couldn't be asked to do it ourselves...

      ahem, what i meant to say, was...

      we didn't actually get any work done. We just sat and talked and went on msn lolz.
    12. k_9
      lol, sounds great! I hope your new building doesn't end up looking like the Bird Nest at the Olympics... what a waste of steel! They could have used that for SO much more! Anyway, i'd better let you go and get some of your work done, i'm going out later to meet my friend and we're going to finish off our Food Tech Project Brief together.
    13. k_9
      hm, they could have at least spent some of that on new revision guides
      ... nyah nyah nyah... well, you know, at least something better. What's this new room then? Our boys' school (up the road from my girls' school) has had a new sports centre built. I'm not sure how much it costed them but i'd imagine a lot.

      It looks a bit like the Bullring in Birmingham... with all them shiny metal plates over it; i suppose they thought it was a good idea but it's bloody cold in there!
    14. k_9
      I know how you feel, i've been doing mine ever since the holidays began. I've finished my food tech (my school is also a technology college so a tech option is compulsary) but i've now been told that i have to do research charts and graphs :mad: So close! Anyway, i'm also half way through French coursework and some extra work for us to randomly do... as well as a "boring book" to read for English. :smartass: How much work have you done since you haven't been here?
    15. k_9
      Well, i'm off to Oxford for the week now. Am leaving early tomorrow morning and won't be back until next Sunday evening. Seeya :stuart:
    16. k_9
      I'm trying to find things to do during the holidays. So far: i'm camping in Oxford for a week with Scouts, some of the older scouts (Explorers) have gone camping to Holland so we have to find something to do to replace the time. I think we are camping at Drayton Manor Theme Park and we are planning it out... no adults allowed to plan with us! We've decided to cycle there too! It's 152 miles there and back. :D I also have revision to get done for my exams (My first is in November- English- when is yours) and some work done for hwk! OMG! Homework in the holidays!

      Anyway, besides all that, we are still trying to fit in a family holiday for a week, where we will probably go to Scotland or Southport. :D

      I'm enclined to ask what you've planned so far? Probably not as much as me... :o
    17. k_9
      How have you been lately? Still ill? :flowers:
    18. k_9
      Oh, it's just the hamster that bites, but we adopted it off a friend because they didn't want it due to it's biting liking. :D Patch our dog is lovely, he's just rough and likes to play.
    19. k_9
      Would you prefer my gundog or my hamster that bites? :tt2:
    20. k_9
      correction: lovable, furry little fluffs :)
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