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Jan 17, 2011
Jan 9, 2008
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Jan 17, 2011
    1. k_9
      Getting slow lol :D Actually, I got up late today...
      Was on DAL and msn until after midnight yesterday, decided to finally go to bed after I nearly feel asleep at the computer, set my alarm early because I had approx 8 hours of unfinished work to do for school tomorrow. Which I... ahem... still have most to do lol.

      Anywayz, mum broke my alarm clock and I ended up getting up way late. I had planned to get 2 pieces of work done before midday but I only got up.

      It was Claire (little sis) bday today so I ad her friend round... so I was sat chatting but in the back of mind just like *GO AWAY I HAVE WORK TO DO*

      Oh mi gosh... now I have loadsa work to do tomorrow...

      Lol, you spelt my name wrong :P
    2. k_9
      Haha, sent you the msg and you'd just gone lol. Typical... :P

      How's your Ipod? Got much memory left on it still lol.

      Oh, btw, can I have your msn address? :)
    3. k_9
      Oh mi gosh! How could you forget my name!!! Have you remembered it yet? LOL. Begins with an R :D
      Work is slow atm, I've just done M9, everyone else in my class is falling behind because we had a crappy teacher last term. They're stuck on M7 which I passed yonks ago... I'm not falling behind on the work, just recapping it for their sake. Gosh, I sound like such a complainer but really I'm quite happy in the group that I'm with for maths. The top set have done their Statistics exam, 100% pass rate, but because we're not in the TOP set, we're not "special" and have to "make do" with just our modular. What about your other subjects? ICT etc? Lol, I bet you passed that with flying colours and I'm still as crap as ever with computers. :{ Lol, My next ICT GCSE (I have a double award) means I have to design a website based around a person who has "helped out community" L0L. I can't even think of anyone, how the heck am I supposed to design a site BASED on them.

      Hahaha, any ideas dude?
    4. k_9
      Hey, I haven't seen you around here for AGES! What's the hold up, computer broken? Lol! How's your work going, i presume you've been studying for your exams hmm?

      Gosh, I was wondering where you'd gone but I'm glad you're back :)
    5. k_9
      Yo maytee, got loads of work to do today! :(
    6. k_9
      darn, anyway, seeya when you're here next :) 0_o
    7. k_9
      Omg, have you noticed we've been talking for like 2 hours :o Gonna be going tho in a bit, I hope family guy's on.... i hope it's not a repeat too.

      Anyway, seeya later :D
    8. k_9
      Dammit, commeted myself!

      Meh, won't be very rich in the next few weeks with all the money gone from the banks! I bet ya just sucking up so you can get handouts lol. I'll come get some too if ya don't mind... maybe a mercade's if he's got one going spare
    9. k_9
      are you sure he's not a she, maybe "he's" been tanning lol :D
    10. k_9
      Omg, that's so sad, you clearly didn't punch him/her hard enough then. clearly you talk too much and btw first you said Alex was a she and then you said he lol. Ha ha... plastic tree cleaner!
    11. k_9
      well if you dont wanna use a squeaker, a pen lid is fine :D At least you didn't comment yourself there again :D
    12. k_9
      what? take the little squeaker out... yeah! Obviously you don't give it to the dog before you use it, just remember to be safe with it :D they're so small... might swallow it if ya not careful
    13. k_9
      Who said it was me that whistles? Nah, not me, i'm a good one! But you know those little squeakers you get in dog toys and stuff, if you take one of those out of the toy and grip in between teeth there are so many possibilities :o
    14. k_9
      Swearing in class... tut tut. Usually when we have practice exam questions or something in our lesson we play "pass the sigh" This amusing very much. Teacher starts to get agitated and since you are sat in rows, you can easily see who's going to let out the huge yawn next but the teacher can't... Ha ha ha such fun we have. Sometimes in exams we start whistling and then it's up to the exam invidilator to find who it is. (Kind hard with over 150 of us) :D:D:D
    15. k_9
      Ha ha ha... i ain't no walrus. So far i've managed not to comment myself... YOU'RE CURSED... CURSED I TELL YOU! :D
    16. k_9
      I see, we've only had one college day to Cadbury College a few mins away. Our teacher told us that we had to BE THERE for 8:30... we didn't have to be there until 10:30 so we were all stood around like right arses. I had a look at geography and Art. For ALL fo my Art pieces so far i've got A* so at college i'm guessing i'll feel right at home. Geograohy was a bit crappy, we made one little volcano explosion and now i hold a grudge against the tutor cos he wdnt let us put a lego house at the foot of the volcano. Grrr!
    17. k_9
      So what didn't you like about it apart from the theory? Surely if you've managed all of these As and Bs, a little bit of writing won't hurt
    18. k_9
      Ahem... so i guess you've already looked into that then :o
    19. k_9
      LOL! mainly rock and dance for me. I don't have the time to do nothing but listen to music so i like to listen to it when i'm in the car... bored out of my mind so i turn on kerrang. You're obviously a big fan of music so you have a wider variety than me. you might want to think about that for college. Just a thought?
    20. k_9
      Does a GCSE in playing the triangle count. i cd take that up as a hobby if i'm any good at it lol. What sort of music do you listen to then (i bet it's rockor something) :D
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