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Mar 19, 2018
Dec 20, 2007
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Mar 19, 2018
    1. jephree
      Cool. Is there a link to it? I sort of stopped looking at my Twitter.
    2. k_9
    3. k_9
      My my, well they both look VERY comfortable in Home Sweet Home. I hope they both welcomed each other into the home, it can't be as exciting for a cat compared to human to look after an abused animal, and to have to share it's territory with another, potential road-kill.
      But you've done well!

      Ha, reminds me of when we adopted our kitten into our home at halloween, it had been abused and fireworks tied to it's tail. Poor thing was afraid of people so I'd go and sit outside each day with some milk and food, leave it to tuck in and then come out again to see if he was recovering, until he accepted us as family and moved in with us- much to the torment of our dog.
    4. k_9
      How cute. Especially the little mark by the nose :) Where'd you get the name "crash" from? Rebel kitty when he first came home. Oh, are they both male?
    5. k_9
      Haha, hello Thor. What may I do for you... Kibble? Where is Thor from then? Your Kitty?
    6. k_9
      Look what I found: [IMG]
    7. skor1979
      Hi are you good with linux?
    8. jephree
    9. k_9
      Hi, did you even plan to go and meet good ol' Bootneck in Las Vegas? I noticed you'd said April, well... April's here! :p
    10. k_9
      Woah, it sounds like you ARE busy! I hope you don't over exhaust yourself because with lack of concentration = higher injury likelihood. And we don't want that to happen now do we? 0_o Does it seem to you that now we all know everyone has a worse financial situation we are all noticing it more. Is this why you're working harder? To get a flight or something to Las Vegas where you can blow the rest of your takings... Hmm very wise...

      Thanks for the good luck in my exams. I think everyone needs to be told every now and then that their exams are important and that they must not lose track of what they're doing. At home I am never told to do my work because I just do it anyway.... but I think I still need to be told to do my work just to keep me focused for now. 10 hours... kai said it sounds like sleeping time to him if he was in the exam. Ha, as much as I'd like to believe that, I'm not entirely sure I'll have enough stuff to draw in that 10 hours... I'm pretty quick because I know I'm good at it. But sheesh 0_o
    11. k_9
      Sorry, I've been a little busy revising for my exams (my first one is this Tusesday- 10hours- Art) and I've been sleeping due to overworking myself at times lol.

      You're working 10-12 hours a day?! Doesn't that seem a bit like you're overworking yourself too?! No wonder your toe or screaming at you at times... What happened to "I'll take it easy until it's FULLY recovered?" How long has it been, well how can I phrase it "better" ?
    12. k_9
      I just read your most about the Technology course in the Chillout zone and remembered that I'd completely fogot about your leg and foot lol. Has it healed yet? I remember you saying it'd be done for Autumn... but well Autumn last year passed quite a while ago and since then I've heard nothing... :confused:
    13. k_9
      Haha, thanks for the info Roky. My sister lives in Orlando Florida so I'll be visiting there in the summer, she also has a house in Kansas and somewhere else which I'm not sure of. Apparantly Kansas is pretty rough but my Brother in Law uses the house for inbetween working hours (He trains the US military for war) Heehee, very important eh!

      Haha, all I know about Amsterdam is the Red Light disitrict LOL
    14. k_9
      Woah, seriously!? Well then, I guess I'll just have to go and visit Mississippi! I saw it and thought of bikers and then thought of you :scooter:
    15. k_9
    16. jephree
      Cool. I'll try it. Thanks.
    17. k_9
      Aww, how considerate of you :) I bet you had fun being treated like royalty for the day... remember it's only one day a year apart from Anniversaries and Birthdays etc!
    18. k_9
      Thanks Roky, I hope you had a great day too. What did you do nice for the day? :)
    19. jephree
      Yes I did. Thank you. I even watched a little sorority house slasher film this afternoon. :D

      The one with the commercial TV needs to be bought or am I wrong?

      Watch Satellite TV on PC
    20. k_9
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