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Nov 28, 2010
Apr 17, 2007
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Highschool Student


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Nov 28, 2010
    1. rokytnji
      Thanks for the note and concern K9. Taking it easy is not my forte. Pisses my wife off at times.
    2. k_9
      Anyone noticed that i'm hopeless at naming my stuff?

      Any suggestions welcome for my album :)
    3. k_9
      I have updated my albums now... feel free to look inside :)
    4. bootneck02
      :flowers::)Fine K_9 thanks, I have been very busy stripping out my office/PC room so have been off line it gets so dusty and hairy with 3 colley:56: dogs and had to hoover the PC wash the walls and do a repaint but all done now thank goodness:flowers:.
    5. k_9
      Heya, i'm quite pleased with my new colours :D
    6. c-price
      Hello k_9 ! :)
    7. k_9
      try again :)
    8. rockinteenbabe
      darn the pic didnt work :(
    9. rockinteenbabe
      [IMG]i like the page rach...
      it green :)
    10. k_9
      Sorry about the past week or so absence :)

      I've been very busy studying for my exams... i wouldn't expect to see me around here very often for the next month or so either :( Got lots to do... Had my Geography GCSE yesterday, then i have another two weeks of exams starting this Wednesday, exam leave for study time also starts this Tuesday... then work experience the week after (looking forwards to that one :)) then some interviews... blah blah blah...

      I will post my exam results for you all somewhere when i receive them :D
    11. CaptainMazda
      *abuses board*

    12. k_9
      Yes, America is very cheap, i blame the American flight companies who refuse to lower their fossil fuels being burnt. However, saying that, my oldest sister lives in the US and flies over every few months (She has a job which involves travelling a lot) so she passes through the UK to stop and say hi whenever she can. Her husband (Willium aka Willie) is currently in Iraq so unfortunately my sister can't stay for too long with us as her kids are back at home. She has 2 boys (my nephews... who are both older than me) and a daughter (who is younger than all of us) So the two boys look after her while they are not at school. Otherwise, thay have a "nanny" come in and look after them and the house.

      Sorry this is so long but it takes a while to get you head around the whole extended family thing :D Now you know little more about my oldest sister. :)
    13. bootneck02
      :clown:Yes they were K_9, Trevor and his wife Mei she is a Chinese lady and Trevor is a expat who has been in the US since the early 1960's. Hopefully when we go out back to Las Vegas we will meet up again. We are in touch at least a couple of times a week via email and send photo's of things of interest:cowboy: They drive up to Vegas three or four times a year, but can only manage a visit once in a couple of years as it is so expencive to fly there but once you get there it is very cheap.:clap:
    14. random_man
      Hi K9...glad to be here.
    15. k_9
      Hi Vintage, welcome to DAL :)
    16. Vintage1998
    17. k_9
    18. jephree
    19. bootneck02
      :clap:Nice to have friends
    20. k_9
      If this visitor message board was on many other websites, it may get abused :( :hang:
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