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Nov 28, 2010
Apr 17, 2007
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Highschool Student


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Nov 28, 2010
    1. rokytnji
      I think its because of the Linux thing.
    2. rokytnji
      944 visits. She's so "Popular".
    3. CaptainMazda
      I think you people called it the "Big Bang".
    4. k_9
      Nice One :D
    5. CaptainMazda
      I once did, but the universe was destroyed and I was warned by the elder gods not to do it again.
    6. k_9
      WOO! 500 Posts, Tech Rank 3/5! Senior Member! Woo, Thanks everyone ;)
    7. penguinpaul
      msn lolz how interesting :L
      i just leave it signed in all the time :)
      what 'puter you got?
    8. rockinteenbabe
      ha u got told :D
      just kidding ... is pretty funny tho
    9. penguinpaul
      lol, you shouldn't have said you were going out later to do homework, what kind of person meets up with their friends to do homework :P XD
    10. penguinpaul
      most of the 22 million was just funding for a new school etc..
      and why would they spend money on revision guides?? :P
      we get a whole new computer system worth s**tloads, internet will tell us the answers :D
      we get vista in march :P
      all new HP micro computers, and 9 BLADE SERVERS!!!!!!!
      its gonna look nice hopefully :P
      i would send you a link of the building webcam, but it doesnt seem to work, i think theyve taken down all the servers, cos theyre knocking down the old part etc
      its gonna be amazing :P
      damn, i still havent done any work :(
    11. rokytnji
      As you british would say, the wife would have my bullocks if I straddle and fire up one of the bikes today. Right now she is a happy camper
    12. rokytnji
      Released from the wheelchair and crutches yesterday. Wifey is happy. Walk with a bad limp for time being.. Doc. said it will take about a year to heal fully. I'm jazzed.
    13. rockinteenbabe
    14. rockinteenbabe
    15. penguinpaul
      i havent done any work yet :)
      still, 2 weeks left
      i dont have to do a language :P
      my school was a sports college, but now its a vocational college as well.
      still, when i go back, we'll be in a brand new 22 million quid building. One of the "school of the future" things.
      And only 950 of us :P
    16. rockinteenbabe
      U STOLE MY PIC :o
    17. penguinpaul
      soz i didnt reply, havent been on for a while.. ive got hwk for the holidays as well, coursework :(
    18. rokytnji
      New Doc. visit coming up soon. Xrays will determine if I can walk yet. Heel fractures take forever to heal. Sister in law has had the same thing happen to her in a auto wreck. She has been in a wheelchair since march. Just had a pin inserted through the heel and had her ankle fused 2 days ago. So I don't have it as bad as her. Try googling fractured heel and there is a lot of horror stories.
    19. k_9
      Aww, i missed my name on the birthday list while i was away in Oxford last week. Darn! I missed it last year too! :sweatdrop
    20. jephree
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