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Nov 28, 2010
Apr 17, 2007
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Highschool Student


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Nov 28, 2010
    1. penguinpaul
      nah hes just orange, plus he goes on too many holidays, his family are rich sods, they have 2 mercedes, some other things, cos his dad flys jumbos for british airways :/
    2. penguinpaul
      didnt punch hard enough??? i dont want it to be obvious that i punched him. Of course its a boy (just about :P) cos i wouldnt ounch it if it was a girl would I?
      he's kinda orange as well :)
    3. penguinpaul
      yes i do use a pen lid sometimes :P
      my maths teacher always gets the last one talking at the end of the lesson to clean her plastic tree at lunchtime, and my friend alex who sits next to me, when she says 3,2,1, and everyones silent to see whos last talking, i punch him and he says something or ouch or sommin and he gets to clean the tree :P
    4. penguinpaul
    5. penguinpaul
      b**locks commented myself again..
      you actually do that? :S
    6. penguinpaul
      and then you get kicked out and fail ur gcse, no A* for you :P:P:P
    7. penguinpaul
      bugger you :P ah that reminds me, today in english, we had about half a class, and I thought the teacher was out of the class, and it went naturaly quiet, and i said to everyone: ""has anyone got a black pen ic ould borrow cos mine's f*cked". About 5 mins later, (still in silcence) and the teacher started speaking,, that was when a few fridns started laughing quietly at me im i was thinking oh****oh****oh**** :P
    8. penguinpaul
      grrr i hate commenting myself :@ i keep doing it :P
    9. penguinpaul
      nah it aint like that,,, it involves reading music, which guitarists done usually do :P
      plus i would need grade 5 theory, and i havent got long to get it,,
    10. penguinpaul
      only on a day where the whole year went to truro college for the day :)
    11. penguinpaul
      not bloody likely!! its all clasical based ahhhhhhhhhhhh theory ahhh
    12. penguinpaul
      well grade-8 triangle is pretty cool, especially the electric triangle :D
      umm,, i listen to almost everything, from rock to the classics like everything and funk and just everything :P except most hip hop and dance ****e.. altho drum and bass like pendulum is good :P
    13. penguinpaul
      aww i love music!!!!!!! i play electric mainly, can do a bit on drums and bass..
    14. penguinpaul
      so you suck at geog? xD
      im predicted mainly A and A* but one C i think, and a D that isnt so anymore :)
      I do other stuff tho apart from work, like music stuff, cos I play guitar and stuff :)
    15. penguinpaul
      predicted will go up?? havent you done ur final?? i did RE final at end of yr10.. we all did :)
      Mr Jakson, guess his first name? :S Are you suggesting hes a paedo? :S ;)
    16. penguinpaul
      only RE and stats early i think. Yeh im in top set maths (Predicted A*!!!! :P:P:P) so i took stats at end of yr10 :) My ICT can get me about 3 GCSEs :P
      i was chuffed with my stats, i missed a lot of lessons cos of music stuff etc, and plus we had a bloody student teacher, and as a result i got a U in my coursework. The stats is 60% coursework, and I got a C overall :P so i must have done very well in the exam :)
      and i got an A for RE, did you get ur results?
    17. penguinpaul
      well they only let us chose 3 cos our school is on this vocational sceme in which we get this CoPE award which is equiv to a b-grade GCSE. RE, Statistics, things like that, all add up, im aiming for about 12 GCSEs... :)
    18. penguinpaul
      i chose ICT, Resistan Materials, and music,
      no idea what job i wanna be :P
    19. penguinpaul
      i havent even started looking yet :D but they do help us when we get to it.. they prioritised the lower set people :(
      the school's awesome :P
      me thinks truro college is best for me ^^ dunno what subjects tho... :/
    20. penguinpaul
      im still here :P i just havent been on as much since school started - i love it tho :P we've just got a new school, £26 million it cost :0 its more like a holiday thing or an airport than a school :P
      what have you been up to recently then?
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