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Nov 28, 2010
Apr 17, 2007
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Highschool Student


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Nov 28, 2010
    1. rokytnji
      Nope K9. Not enough dinero to go to Vegas this year. Responsibilities have to come before play in my case,
    2. dobhar
      hiya...thanks for the "homer" movie...LOLOLOL
    3. rokytnji
      Its about as recovered/fixed as it is going to get. I have a lot of eggs in my basket at the moment. Ranch. shop, remodel present house and ranch. Fix vehicles. Help New linux users. Spreading my self thin. Bootneck wants me to go to Las Vegas Nevada in April and meet him there. Can't afford to go, but I wanna go. Depresses me. Hate being broke because I have to divert funds to projects. Rant over now. Good luck with Art Test and School. I was one of those outsiders in school. 6'6", new kid on block, From the country to big city. So I didn't do well. No City Slicker people skills. So I dropped out. So keep up the good fight in school K9. Good Luck to you.
    4. rokytnji
      Foots better K9. Been working on my building/Shop. Built a tall home made scaffold out of Lumber and steel so I could reach the inside ceiling. Building is real tall. Slowly working my way into being on my feet again for 10 to 12 hours at a time. Funny thing is when I exert myself to much, it's my big toe that complains and acts Like I drove a nail through it.
    5. jephree
    6. rokytnji
      Naw, don't visit Mississippi. For cool fun things for a young person. I would visit Austin, Texas or New Orleans, Louisiana or Miami, Florida.

      For cool Laid back fun, It looks like Amsterdam is close enough to get some kicks out of. I'd love to ship one of my bikes over there and do a 8 month walkabout.
    7. rokytnji
      If I didn't know any better K9, I'd think you sent me a KKK gif. LOL. Living down South, thats what it looks like. Something like from Ghosts of Mississippi.
    8. jephree
    9. rockinteenbabe
      'It was Claire (little sis) bday today so I ad her friend round... so I was sat chatting but in the back of mind just like *GO AWAY I HAVE WORK TO DO*'
      Thanks ¬¬ :'(
    10. rockinteenbabe
      Rachel Smells :P
    11. k_9
      Yeah... It's good to be back :D
    12. jephree
    13. dobhar
      LOLOLOL...sorry k_9...missed this...man ya just gotta love this guy...Thanks for sharing... :)
    14. penguinpaul
      cmon k, its been over 5 mins... and you havent come online, replied, added me on msn or anything.. tut tut.. getting slow :D
    15. penguinpaul
      oh rachael.. i thought that but i thought that was the other person on here... that you know... a year younger than you?? yeh..
      ive got M10 on the 9th March :|
    16. rockinteenbabe
    17. penguinpaul
      cmon, reply umm... uh oh.. in all this time i've forgotton your name aahhh.. this wont go down well... :|
    18. penguinpaul
      computer broken??!!! how could you think such a thing lol.. of course not :D
      although i've built another since i last spoke to you hehe (Asus chasis mobo and psu, 400GB HD, 3GB RAM, other nice stuff :D)
      yeh, work is a pain in the ass :D maths exam soon (M10) and urgg.. the last weekend before the last week before the half term.. that was really really hard lol.. all the coursework suddenly due in hehe.
      hows you're work then???

      oh and guess what!! I have a 2nd gen iPod touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :stuart:
    19. penguinpaul
    20. rokytnji
      I bought my wife a Acer Aspire One 1.8ghz Intel Atom, 1 gig ram, 120gig hardrive netbook the day before my birthday so for Valentines day she made me some Shrimp and Lobster for dinner and spoiled me all day.
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