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Mar 8, 2011
Mar 26, 2007
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Apr 26, 1944 (Age: 79)
Retired & an old bastard


Dedicated Member, 79

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Mar 8, 2011
    1. k_9
      Hey friend, I was reminising about the past few years last night; and one of the main things that came to mind was how much time i spent using DAL. I looked back at my last activity and just laughed how long ago it was. Ive missed all you guys, and a few particular names, but although I can probably see me taking another huge leap in time before I return to DAL, Im still really proud that the site's still going :) Im getting ready for my last few Alevel exams, and Ive been accepted for all 5 universities already that I applied to... (way before the entry date) How have you been lately, and you've moved house by now i presume?
    2. Kaistar
      Happy Birthday!

    3. k_9
    4. k_9
      We missed you! :D
    5. Kaistar
      Hey dude! Welcome back!
    6. c-price
    7. rokytnji
      Bootneck, another point on the virus thing and Linux. Even by chance if you downloaded a virus like from a music site or from a gaming site, the virus is wrote to execute itself in Windows. In linux it would be like a blind man trying to see his way around. Whenever you have doubts about something downloaded from the net, just install Clam AV from Synaptics Package manager and use Clam AV to scan whatever you download from the net. You can also use Clam AV to scan emails before they are opened. AVG has a linux version also but does the same thing Clam AV does and their linux version isn't updated. So I use Clam AV.
    8. k_9
      I was on the bus earlier this week reading the newspaper, but i was getting funny looks from random people. I thought to myself, What? Have you never seen some kid want to know what's going on in the world! Sheesh, some people act as if they walk around with their eyes closed for most of their time... they can be so arrogant.

      Just wanted to say what i was thinking about, hope you don't mind :)
    9. k_9
      Well bootneck, am leaving for Oxford tommorrow morning and won't be back until next Sunday. Hoo, no internet for a week... i'll live :D Just thought i'd tell you before i left (this is not the cycle) that is in the next few weeks.
      In this case then i guess i'm in Oxford for my birthday on Monday, i've had an early one today before i leave :) Bye, will catch up on what i've missed in the week when i return. Bye :)
    10. k_9
      Hope you don't mind, i'd planned on getting the little biting hammies out for their run around. Will have to put Patch away for now because he likes to play football with them. :D May be away for a while but i will be back Mwahaha! :)
    11. rokytnji
      Hey bootneck. Just got my Amrel RT 686 EX Laptop in the mail today. Lcd screen on the old one fizzled on me watching a movie. This one has a bigger cpu and ram in it. Cost me 75.00 U.S. Came with extra Battery that plugs in where CD/DVD Rom goes. Gives it about 4 hours of charge. Got wireless going and playing with it tonight. He Haw.
    12. k_9
      Was that your lunch break :)
    13. k_9
      Woo! We both has lots of good rep! :clap:
    14. k_9
      Bootneck is a very smart guy, must be all those oysters he eats :D
    15. kevinzheng.101
      Hmm... Interesting...
    16. rokytnji
      Nice Intelligent post there bootneck02 in the Lisbon treaty.
    17. rokytnji
      Have my heel fractured in 3 places. Looks like a M on the x-rays. Doc says I got lucky and avoided surgery. I had a ladder collapse on me doing the final sections of Erecting my Quonset hut style 25'x35' motorcycle shop building. Doc figures I'm off the foot for the rest of summer and maybe going into fall. Takes a hell of a long time to heal. Lucky for me I got insurance and a little moolah put away for emergencies like this. Thanks for the concern bootneck. My back talks to me at times since I'm 6'6" and a one man army when it comes to doing stuff. I'm the one of few white boys in a mainly hispanic town and so I have to go it alone when it comes to alota things, Happy trails from Pecos, TX :cowboy:
    18. k_9
      All suggestions welcome for my album as i don't know what to rename it :)
    19. k_9
      I suppose all the working has found you something more interesting to do rather than anything else :) At the moment, we're having our house redecorated too... so i know how you feel about all the hard work :D I'd have never thought to "hoover" a computer. How did you manage to get collie hairs in it? :56:
    20. rokytnji
      Thanks for the invitation Bootneck. Took me awhile cuz of the broken foot issue.
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    Apr 26, 1944 (Age: 79)
    Retired & an old bastard
    • Male
    United Kingdom
    Ex Royal Marine, Retired fireman KCC employee

    Family, 3 border collies, IT, music, travel, love Las Vegas


    PC: home build (built and owned by an old git)
    Case:Antec 300
    PSU: CoolMaster Real Power M700TFT
    Screen: ASUS VH226 21.7
    Mother Board;Asus P5Q DeLuxe
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33GHz 1333FSB (Retail 775)
    RAM: GeIL Black Dragon 8GB (4x2GB) DDR2 PC2-8500C5 1066MHz Dual Channel Kit
    O S:Microsoft 7 Ultimate 64 bit
    Speakers: Sony SRSD211.CEK 2.1 35W
    Sound Card: Auzen X-Meridian (Dam good it is to worth every penny)
    Video Card: Saphire HD4870 Toxic 1GB
    Hard Discs: SAMSUNG HD154UI (1500.30 GB)