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Jan 21, 2015
Nov 26, 2006
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Jan 21, 2015
    1. k_9
      Anyway, I've got to go. I wanted to speak to you but it'll have to wait until next time. Bye :)
    2. k_9
      :( You're not on msn...
    3. k_9
      Hmm, you know I was sure we had already had friendship request on DAL. Maybe I'm wrong, thanks anyway :)
    4. Kaistar
      hey roky! Thanks =D
    5. rokytnji
      Found this for you kaister

      Hot Babe for Windows
    6. rokytnji
      Hey Kaister, Leaving you a message on a Compaq 1540 DM, P 146 ghz, 64 mb ram, 2 gig hardrive, running on Damn Small Linux 4.0 that I just installed on it. Tried Logging in on The Dillo Web Browser but Dal won't accept my login on it. Its about the most minimal browser Linux has. I had to use the Firefox 1.5 browser to leave you this message. This Compaq doesn't even have Cdrom boot first capabilities. I had to make a Smart Boot Manager Floppy to get the cdrom to boot up DSL. Now I got this ooooold Laptop running half decent using Linux. Aint the fastest thing on the block but its working.
    7. rokytnji
      Since you are into gaming LinuxGames - Embrace your inner penguin
    8. emoScreamo
      hello, sorry for bothern you d00d but i just noticed on my post that u play D2
      ive been playn the diablo series since i was 5 :P (im 18 now) and was wondern if u would like to get togather n play anytime.
      just wondern :P always lookn for new people to play with^_^
    9. Kaistar
      Thanks dude for the update. Just went to check the page out but the screenshots didn't show much. Glad you like my new avatar! =D
    10. rokytnji
      Like the new Avatar. No problem Kaister. Thanks for the thanks.. There is a another way I found out how to run Ubuntu IN Windows as an exe. without having to reboot Windows. It just came out about a week and a half ago. Its so new nobody has wrote up on it yet. Here is also some free safety advice before you decide to go Wubi or the new Portable Ubuntu (thats what they are calling it). Set up a new System Restore Date in Windows manually the day before you try this stuff out so God forbid, something won't uninstall or for whatever reason you will have that restore point before you installed Ubuntu. Just think of it as a restore point safety net. HERE IS THE LINK Portable Ubuntu for Windows
    11. rokytnji
      Hey Kaister, on those Ubuntu Thread links I posted , they are working now. Those 2 threads are about Wubi when it 1st came out in 2007 and instead of Hardy Heron they were downloading Gutsy gibbon back then. I think the latest post in that Feedback on Wubi thread is around June 2008.

      I couldn't find any users on the net posting that they used Wubi on a Vostro except that one comment I posted from that one post. Most everybody seems to like to do the Win 50/LINUX 50 dual boot hardrive install.

      I don't think it will be dangerous for you to try the Wubi install 1st. I also couldn't find any horror stories about that also.

      Bootneck also came up with good suggestions on how to get Linux cd's in England.
      You can always before you try Wubi out is to pick up a Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 Live CD and boot up your computer using the live cd WITHOUT INSTALLING and play around with it to see if you even like it or if your hardware is supported.

      When using a live cd I always recommend hooking up a land line first to gain internet access because sometimes wireless can be a pain in Linux,(sometimes not), but connection is assured using land line.
    12. Kaistar
      Oh Nero doesn't work like that the last I checked. I've not had to use it for some time though so I'm trying to check online now. Thanks for your heads up I'll try to find out =)
    13. rokytnji
      Hey Kaister, rokytnji here. On that guys post on erasing dvdrw can't he just enter whatever he wants to burn in Nero and it will just overwrite what was burnt earlier without having to erase. I have been using Linux so long with Braserio and K3b I figured I'd ask instead of posting this in that guys thread. Cheers, rokytnji
    14. jephree
      On the upper right under "Tech Rank" click "Customize Profile".

      Here you can change your colors and stuff.

      Just play with it and you'll get the idea of what is changeable.
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