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NSIS ERROR message and other problems

Discussion in 'Windows XP Help' started by Benbecula, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Benbecula

    Benbecula Established Techie7 Member

    I'm not sure where to begin with the catalogue of my problems: -
    I'm not very knowledgeable about the problems, or how to rectify them, which have occurred during the last month.

    My set up is Dell Precision Workstation 360, Intel Pentium 4 processor, 2.80 GHz, Bios Version A05, Level 2 cache: 512 KB intergrated. Windows XP SP3. with Kaspersky Internet Security 2010.

    1. I have received the following message when attempting to install any downloads of updates excluding Windows updates.
    The installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete. This could be the result of a damaged disk, a failed download or a virus.
    You may want to contact the author of this installer to obtain a new copy. It may be possible to skip this check by using /NRC command line (NOT RECOMMENDED)

    2. I am constantly receiving repeated reports of two HEUR virus after a full Kaspersky scan which I thought would be capable of removing them. When I attempt to locate them I receive a 'Not Found' message or may not exist. My Kaspersky is regularly updated automatically but seems to be stuck on Kaspersky 9.0.0. 463 regardless of the updates. I do have a log report of each update which shows they have been installed. When I access the kaspersky website I am advised that my Kaspersky programme is out of date and a new version is available to download. However I am unable to upgrade to the new version due to problem 1. above.

    If I do have a damaged disk as suggested above how do I affect a repair of the disk? I am seriously considering uninstalling everything, formatting the disk, and starting afresh.

    I would appreciate a response which does not tax my limited knowledge or capabilities. :confused:
  2. Jim23

    Jim23 Dedicated Member

    The first and most important is your virus concern.

    We do have a security experts on the forum so
    Please post here for virus related problems Spyware, Adware, Viruses and HijackThis Logs - D-A-L Computer Help

    And please read the instructions before posting

    Please don't take this as are buff we want to help

    There is some good basic advice about you NSIS error here


    If you follow the advice from 1 to 10 but ignore the advice in 6 and 8 until
    you've talked to the guys in the Spyware, Adware Virus section.
    If you have any problems doing any of the suggestions please post back and we will
    assist you.

  3. Benbecula

    Benbecula Established Techie7 Member

    My apologies Jim for not responding sooner. I didn't receive a notification regarding a reply to my post however I need to check whether I have the correct details in my profile.

    I really do appreciate your assistance and the value of this forum. Although it's too late tonight I will follow it up tomorrow. Incidentally I sent a report on Thursday, including the NSIS ERROR, and virus description info to Kaspersky expressing my concerns and they gave me a new link to download the updated version. I have since installed the new version, completed a full scan, and so relieved to say that my viruses have been removed. I must confess that I find Kaspersky a very technical programme for people like myself although their support and security are first class.

    Thank you
  4. Jim23

    Jim23 Dedicated Member

    I'm glad to see you got your virus concerns sorted. Kaspersky as good review although PC Pro does say " All told, it feels like Kaspersky hasn't worried as much as it might about the user experience".
    Which support your view about it being " a very technical programme for people like yourself".
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 | Software | Reviews | PC Pro
    I personally use Avast and have had no problem with it.
    But just recently they had big problem with false positives see here: Win32:Delf-MZG false positive issue statement
    I'm fairly sure most AV programs have the odd blip which most remedy pretty quickly.
    I tend to avoid security suites now. Having used Comodo Internet Security and after a update suddenly started hogging 90% of my cpu. I realised then that when once one part of the suite failed it compromised your whole security until you get it sorted.
    Should you ever feel you need to change (I'm not suggesting you should) Digerati as put together a great sticky on Safe Computing found here http://www.d-a-l.com/help/windows-xp-help/52327-practicing-safe-computing.html
    Within it are some excellent suggestions for alternative Firewalls anti virus and malware programs.

    Please post back if you need further help with the NISI error

    Last edited: Dec 13, 2009
  5. Benbecula

    Benbecula Established Techie7 Member

    Thanks Jim
    I haven't had any repeat of the problems since the installation of the the upgrade. I also experienced difficulty downloading some other updates which have since been resolved. Hopefully, now all is well.

    Many thanks