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Excel to Mail Merge date problems

Discussion in 'Desktop / Server Applications' started by Professor Fishpond, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Professor Fishpond

    Professor Fishpond Techie7 New Member

    Hi - I had a date problem where Excel exported to Word Mail Merge in US format and got help from another thread. Problem mostly solved. However, the merge only offers to pick dates from the first sheet in Excel, does anybody know how to get Merge to choose data from a sheet that is not sheet 1? I've tried saving the file on Sheet 2 so that when you open the file it opens at sheet 2 but merge still looks at sheet 1. Many thanks.
  2. Jimbarnham

    Jimbarnham Techie7 New Member

    What version of Office are you using? If using Office 2003 you can select which sheet you use when selecting recipients. I think I've overcome the problem in other versions of Office by ensuring the sheet I want to use is alpabetically the earliest name.
  3. Professor Fishpond

    Professor Fishpond Techie7 New Member

    Hi - thanks for the info but no joy I'm afraid. I'm starting Merge from Word 2003 and when I select recipients I can only browse the filenames - unless I'm missing something obvious that is. When I do select the workbook it doesn't offer me the sheets separately. I get the "Confirm Data Source" dialog box, from which I choose "MS Excel Worksheets via DDE". Then, all I'm offered is "Entire Worksheet" rather than the separate sheets in the file. I tried your suggestion regarding renaming the sheets alphabetically but again, it will only offer the first sheet in the book, regardless of their names. Thanks again for trying. Any further suggestions would be much appreciated.
  4. Jimbarnham

    Jimbarnham Techie7 New Member

    You could try saving the excel file as another name. If you open the Word document then select mail merge them use "select a different list" option. Select your newly saved file and Open. You should be presented with a dialogue box which allows you to select wahetver sheet in the workbook you want to use.
  5. Professor Fishpond

    Professor Fishpond Techie7 New Member

    Hi - thanks again for your suggestions. I'm away from home just now and won't be able to try them out for a wee while but I will do and post a response. Cheers (hic!)
  6. Professor Fishpond

    Professor Fishpond Techie7 New Member

    Hi - I've tried doing what you suggested but just cannot see where there is an option to select a different list. I've saved the Excel file as a new name and gone through Mail Merge looking specifically for an option to pick a different list but I'm getting no joy. I guess an easy way to workaround is just to always keep the Excel list as the first sheet on the workbook. It would only be an issue if there was more than one data sheet in the book. Thanks ever so much for trying anyway. PF.
  7. tisnoti

    tisnoti Techie7 New Member

    Merging Data that is not in first sheet of excel spreadsheet

    I am probably wayyyyyy to late for this - but the way I do these merges is to set up named range with the columns required and name it MERGE DETAILS

    When request to show where the data is for the merge - simple choose the name from the selection that comes up.

    Hope this is of help