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Do I have Vista 32 or 64 bit?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help' started by FTLOSM, Sep 26, 2007.


    FTLOSM Techie7 New Member

    Just got this pc HP m7760n, shows I have vista premium home with media center. New to Vista in general, have seen many things talking about different vista versions and such and have also seen many things saying 32 or 64 bit, some downloads even have different click thrus depending on your version, I have no idea which I have, how can I tell?

    System page says

    vista premium home edition

    Silly noobie question I know, but appreciate the past help found here so figured i'd ask real quick.

  2. Cindy.

    Cindy. Techie7 New Member

    Hi FTLOSM :)

    Go to Start > Control Panel > Classic View (left hand side) > System > It'll tell you there near System Type :)

    FTLOSM Techie7 New Member

    Ah yep there it is down under System right under Memory says 32 bit OS, I only read the top top part that says windows vista home premium, and some copyright stuff.

    Thanks for helping me find/clear that up, so at least I know nextime I go to install something to pick the 32 bit vista premium option if available.

    Bill :)