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X360 question

Discussion in 'Game Consoles' started by messyjesse, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. messyjesse

    messyjesse Dedicated Member

    i have had a 360 for a while now and havent really talked to many people about this, but does anybody know how to get rid of thoe STUPID disc is unreadable errors?? Like what the hell causes those?!

    Any help?:alien:
  2. DaftKnight

    DaftKnight Techie7 New Member

    It could be your lens inside the Xbox 360 being dusty. Have you tried looking at the games for any scartches?
  3. messyjesse

    messyjesse Dedicated Member

    This happened a very long time ago. I have already called MS (last year) and i got a new 360 from them.
  4. grongs

    grongs Techie7 New Member